TapRoot CSA - Friday check in


We only have 12 weeks left of our 2017 CSA. Please take this quick survey so we can see how it's going for you!

2017 fourth quarter survey

We have a job opening on the farm! 

Here is Jem and I, showing off the enormous hubbards squash last winter

I (Justine) am into my last month here at the farm before I'm off for a year of maternity leave. So, we are looking for someone to cover my position. 

It's a three day a week job (M/W/F). It worked really great for me because the other days I was home with Gilbert (my 3 year old).

 I've been at the farm for almost 8 years now (off and on at the beginning), so you can take my word that these are some great people to work with!

To view the whole job description, click here

I shared this in our weekly newsletter, but forgot to give you any context.

Our friend Michael Caplan sent this over to us and we thought that some of you may be interested in what they are doing.

Free award-winning documentaries on social issues facing us all.

8 days to go. 56% of the way there. Get on the list and support a social justice documentary series in The Valley!

Thanks to the 16 who have contributed so far!