TapRoot CSA - Week 8

CSA - Week 8

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We had our first TapRoot farm meal together on Friday. Kim and I cooked mini quiches made with eggs, frozen tomatoes, leeks, onions, summer savory, and bacon, a brussels sprout salad made with brussels, kohlrabi, radish, and apple with a apple cider vinaigrette, and roasted potatoes (which we didn't give enough time, so had as a second course).

We are looking forward to next month already!

Farm Notes:

Angela, from the Fugly soap company in Hubbards, has made samples of soap for all our members. Look for them along with your CSA shares this week and in our add on section.

To learn more about this great company check out their facebook page - www.facebook.com/fuglysoapcompany/.

Share recipe inspiration:

We love cabbage too! Tried this recipe last week with the Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots. So delicious! - from a CSA member.

Asian Slaw with Ginger - Peanut Dressing


Grated Black Radish Salad - the black radish have a kick to them!

Bone-in goat meat is very traditional way to eat lamb and goat meat. The bone adds nutrients and flavour to your meal. It does take some getting used to as there can be some sharp pieces and you almost have to use your hands to get at all the meat. Part of the fun really :) This stew would be great with potatoes, turnip, and carrot added.

Traditional Goat Meat Stew


I just love this picture that Patricia posted of her kids lunches. Cabbage sandwiches!

We've been loving getting all the cabbage recipes in our in box to share with you all. Keep them coming! 

Have a great week!


Justine and the whole TapRoot Team