TapRoot CSA Week 16

Happy Wednesday CSA Members:

It has been an eventful week here at TapRoot. 

First off, Josh gave us a scare. He is fine now but we spent many hours in emergency in the wee hours of Monday. Turns out he has a viral infection in the sac that is around his heart and because of the pain from this which is what took him to the emergency department, he also learned that he has a blood clot in his leg. Luckily it is all treatable and he will be in top gear again soon. TapRoot is super fortunate because everyone on the farm is fantastic and is able to carry on with what needs to happen to get the food on the table. 

This week we have been working in the rain a bit. Thankfully today is nice and sunny. We have planted corn. The flax has been planted. We are harvesting spinach. Today we tilled the asparagus patch to help keep the weeds under some control. We are finishing up the pruning of the sweet cherries and we are working to get beans planted. Oh and today we flamed the carrots. This means we flamed the top of the soil just before the carrots emerge out of the soil. The flame kills the weeds and then the carrots grow up weed free for a bit. 

Tuesday Josh, Allison and I worked at getting our certified organic application off to Ecocert who we certify with. Allison helps us with this application each year as a contracted support to us. Her support has made a world of difference for our stress with the process. She knows it well. 

Upcoming events: 

I would love to host a Mothers Day Brunch for CSA members and farm walk on May 13th. We will have nettle frittata, spinach salad and roasted potatoes. Just email and let us know if you are able to come and how many people in your party. csa@taprootfarms.ca We will host at our house, 1736 Church Street Port Williams and we will start with brunch at 11 followed by a walk. 

May 26th 4 PM Farm Tour at 451 Canard Street. You are invited to stay after the tour for a Q&A at our place (1736 Church Street). We will have the bbq heated up. If you'd like to bring some food to cook, relax in the farm yard, chat with us, you are welcome to. Josh and I will plan to have the evening free for relaxing (maybe have a glass of wine) and connecting with you. Maybe have a bonfire if it works out. If it is raining hard we will cancel, but we have the event tunnel with picnic tables we can hang out in. 

Recipe Ideas: 

Kim has shared two recipe links she likes for the sunchokes: 



And she loves them raw! 

Other farm news:

This week the farm welcomes:

Finally - The farm is still in need of a van or truck, or car that is automatic. If you have any used for sale please let us know. We have found one, thanks to CSA members who are getting a new van we now will purchase their old one. They are actually helping a great deal as they are willing for us to purchase with vegetable shares. If you have any ideas or suggestions we'd love the help as we do need one more. Thank you! 

Have a great day everyone!