TapRoot CSA: Week 21

Happy Monday Evening TapRoot members:
I was away in Toronto for a few days last week to speak at the Toronto Textile Museum about our TapRoot flax and clothing  made from the farm. I also had the opportunity to meet with a few fibre related people to talk flax fibre shop. It was great! AND my good high school friend and I had a good ole catch up (and, oh my, we got our nails done, so fun!).  
While away, Josh and the TapRoot team were dealing with this unseasonably cold weather. Yikes, early hard frost winter I guess. Josh's big message this week is that he wanted to have greens in the shares but they haven't been able to harvest them because of the cold. He is hopeful that tomorrow they will have better luck, but given the temperature now that might not be the case. So, although it is posted to have greens, these freezing temperatures are making that currently impossible.
Makaila and Katelyn have been working at creating a cut vegetable option for the shares. You can purchase the option in the add on section. We will make 10 of these available each week so we can test out how it works. We would love your feedback if you choose to purchase this option. Katelyn and Makaila have suggested that for an additional $8/small share or $16/large share, we will peel and chop three of the vegetables in the share box. You will still need to wash and prepare them as you wish, but the hard work of peeling and chopping will be done for you. We are wondering if this is a share option we should offer for the winter months. 
The garlic is ready to be planted. Now we just need a day, hopefully next week, with some warmer temperatures to get it into the ground. It will happen:)) 
On Sunday evening I opened the fridge to find: parsnips, carrots, celeriac, and chicken. I decided to make curried chicken and mashed vegetables. I cut up the parsnips, carrots and celeriac in large chunks, cooked together in the same pot of water. After they were soft I drained them, used a coarse masher that more cuts it all up vs mashing, so it is fine pieces, added some butter and milk and a bit of salt and pepper and we had chicken and veggies. Our oven is broken so I made the curried chicken on the stove top. Sauteed onions, ginger, turmeric, cumin and garlic. Then added the chicken and some water. I covered it and let it cook away and near the end I added a bit of flour and water to thicken the sauce.  We all ate it all up - simple and delicious and made within 35 minutes. 
Sometimes easy to make food is the most delicious.
Have a great week everyone! 
Week 21 - WOW!
Peace and love to you all!