TapRoot CSA Week 5

CSA - Week 5

What's in your share this week? -  taprootfarms.ca/shares

The Fruit and veggie share week 5. - Valentines share - as many red items as we could fit in the share!

Note that some would have gotten two cabbages if they were on the smaller side, the same with the celeriac.

Farm Notes:

#stormcabbage day three. Salad made with kohlrabi, beet, cabbage, turnip, shallot and garlic.

Dried cranberries added with dressing made of oil, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup.

Let us know how you use your #stormcabbage on Facebook or Instagram :)

Share recipe inspiration:

A member sent us this recipe she made with her celeriac. Give it a go and let us know how it turned out for you.

Chunky cheddar and celeriac Soup:

We made these Brussels sprouts three time this weekend (we had a Brussels sprout backlog!). If you do as well give them a try. We made a batch just in the oven and another where you cook them on the stove top first and both agree the extra step is worth it!

Chicken and dumplings:

A soup is made into a full meal when you add dumplings to steam on the top for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Try this recipe with chicken soup or any soup or stew really.


Adam and Brody loading the van for Tuesday deliveries.


Have a great week!


Justine and the whole TapRoot Team