TapRoot Farms - Friday Update

TapRoot Farm Days are this weekend!

Come tonight for the farm walk at 451 Canard street, starts at 6 PM

Come Saturday for the Cherry U-Pick  at 11 AM and the Garlic Harvest at 3 PM. If you have a digging fork please bring it along!

Cherry u-pick is $10 for 5lbs of cherries, Garlic Harvest is $20 for 10 bulbs.

Come Monday for the Flax Harvest at 10 AM with a corn boil to follow.

Ticket for the cherry u pick and the garlic harvest can be purchased here

As always you are welcome to come to the farm and have a walk about, see the animals, just be here on the farm.


Flax Harvest!

451 Canard Street, Port Williams, 10 - 12 AM


It's an all ages event harvesting the flax :)

Lined up in the field Harvesting Flax.


Come be part of the local clothing movement and help harvest flax!

August 7th at 10AM in the flax field at 451 Canard Street with a corn boil to follow.

The first step is to get the flax out of the field, which is where you come in. We are so excited to have you.

Make sure to wear footwear for working in the fields.

Share list for next week is posted on the website now! See it here. The Fruit shares are TBA, with the phone down it's been hard to get a hold of Melissa over at Noggins.