TapRoot Farms - Week 15


Week 15 Share list here

There are frozen tomatoes and frozen corn for the vegetable and full monty shares this week. 

Farm Notes:


Izzac (Patricia and Josh's eldest) at the booth talking to folks about the farm and the CSA, we shared the booth with Noggins, they were sampling hard cider and apples.


Sunday, May 14 11:00-1:00 PM

Mothers Day Brunch and Farm Walk

Join us for this members only event at the farm. A mothers day brunch to celebrate all all the great mothers out there. Pay what you can with a $10 per person suggested donation (come treat your mom!)

1736 Church street, Port Williams. We will eat outside under a tunnel (open to the outside at both ends, make sure to layer up if we have a cool day!) Please let us know if you are planning on coming! RSVP at csa@taprootfarms.ca.

Sunday, May 14 12:00-1:00 PM

Field Walk with your TapRoot Farmers

Take a walk with Patricia and Josh. Join us as we wander through the fields, tunnels. greenhouses, and see the animals at 1736 Church Street. Come back throughout the year and see hoe much the farm changes, season to season.

Guided tour starts at 12:00 PM. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking through fields. We will walk rain or shine. Large wheeled stroller or backpacks are best. For our on farm food safety it's best to leave the four legged friends at home.   


Inaugural Flax/Linen Sharing Circle

April 28th - 7-9 PM

1736 Church Street, Patricia and Josh's home.

You are invited to a sharing circle focusing on local flax and linen production. For this first gathering we (Fibre Lab) will share our plans for production this year and we will have three varieties of seeds to share with you if you are interested in planting your own fibre garden this season. My dream is that we will come together as often as the group decides to follow the cycle of flax to linen. We will share experiences, ideas, inspiration. We will grow, harvest, rett, process, spin and create with the flax we grow. We can dive into our local history of linen production, we can share resources, we can learn to spin together, we can create together. We can evolve however we wish, all with a focus on linen and maybe over time we will include other bast fibres like hemp and nettles. When I say we, I mean anyone who wishes to join in, in any way they are able or willing.


Sweet Potato Corn cakes with garlic dipping sauce

To use your frozen corn for this recipe, take it out and let it thaw, then drain the excess water before you proceed with the recipe as per usual.

Roasted Beet, carrot, and chickpea salad

Whole chickens can be cooked so many ways. With BBQ season coming up it's handy to know how to cut up a whole chicken.

This is a handy guide to get the job done. Even better can be a youtube video to walk you through it!

We are looking forward to the next months together with you, the spring is such an exciting time at the farm!

Please feel free at any time to come to either property and take a walk with your family. Around the ponds, through the fields, around the buildings, we welcome you here at the farm any time!

With many thanks to you all!

Justine and the TapRoot Team