TapRoot Farms - Week 26

Week 26 share list here


Some pictures from the first Jamaican Jerk Dinner on Sunday. It was a beautiful day. 

There is frozen corn for the Full Monty and Vegetable share members this week.

There are frozen raspberries for the Full Monty and Fruit share members this week.

Frozen items are kept in the coolers. If you are at a self serve pick up, be sure to look on the list as we always make a note of any extras that you may be getting from the freezers., 

Farm Notes:

For the full recipe click on the picture





Peas and Shells Pesto Pasta


Ingredients for our staff lunch. We had roasted zucchini, a green salad, boiled potatoes, and meat loaf (made by Josh's mom).

We all crammed in and around the table at lunch and ate together.

With many thanks to you all!

Justine and the TapRoot Team