TapRoot Farms CSA- Week 42

Happy Friday night everyone.

Thank you for your patience and support as Ed trains, as we navigate the challenges the weather places on the routines of our lives and as you wait for a response to an email you sent last week. 

I was speaking to a long time CSA member today about how amazing it is to me that what we think of as the 'down' time on the farm is actually one of the most hectic times for us. I have  been thinking about this, and really it is because we have far fewer human resources to get support from, so we step away from one task to complete another. It is a great feeling to have the fullness of the farm year round. After this week I must admit, I am happy to sit down here at my computer on this Friday evening and compose a sentence without rushing to the next task. 

This week we attended Hort Congress which is the Horticulture Nova Scotia yearly conference. Josh is on the board of Hort NS. I participated in presenting in the Marketing for Business Success stream. 

This week we had an interesting weather event - and after deciding to do the delivery on Wednesday - we realized at about 4 PM we really should not have. Ed did a great job under the circumstances. New to the job, new to the regions he is delivering to and then snow covered roads. Yikes. Anyway, there was most certainly more stress this week than usual. 

Also this week, I didn't do the best job of clearly communicating. I was so uncertain most of the week about what to do that I didn't get a clear message out to you. It was just a week that I am happy is over and we can move on:) 

So.....the fun news. Josh is in Jamaica tonight. He left this morning at 3 AM and is spending 9 days visiting the men who work with us. Tonight he is at Patrick's in Comfort Hall, just outside of Montego Bay. Over the years it has been hard to encourage Josh to leave the farm (he is rooted). I am really excited for him to be on a solo adventure with people he really appreciates. Richard lives in the mountains and has a small farm. Ashley too and Kingsley. They are all in the same area. Richard was a large coffee grower before he came onto the 'program'. He just wasn't making enough return. Josh and I are very interested to learn if it is possible to reestablish the coffee plantation and also to learn about what other opportunities there may be for collaboration or partnership or sharing of ideas. 

Have a great weekend everyone. We hope you have enjoyed and will enjoy time cooking, eating, sharing and appreciating time together with food this weekend. 

Ideas for storage and recipes sourced by Denise

You've got some onions in your box this week. Did you know that if you store onions with potatoes, they will spoil faster? And if you store them so they don't touch (like in the photo below), they will last for months?

Good to know!


Recipes for winter storms...

Okay, so you could make soup or roasted squash and that would be delicious. But how about changing things up and trying this amazing Butternut Squash and Crispy Sage pizza? Yum!

I don't know about you but when I'm socked in by a storm I want comfort food, and my favourite is tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. This easy and delicious tomato soup recipe pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese made with aged cheddar. For an added kick, put a few peperoncini peppers between the slices. So good!

I love Brussels sprouts--love them--but not everyone in my family does, so I'm always looking for recipes that will get these gorgeous, nutritious veggies into them. This one is definitely a crowd pleaser. I even get asked to make them again and again. Now that's a successful recipe.



How about making onions the main event? They're usually served on the side or used inside but hardly ever are they front and centre. These Onion Bombs are, well, they're the bomb. For a vegetarian version, use Veggie Ground Round or grated tempeh.



Commitment to eating local can be a little more challenging in our climate. We might not have the huge variety of offerings our friends in warmer climes enjoy, but we do have lots of root vegetables and canned goodies from our bountiful summer harvest. This Roasted Root Vegetable Ragout with Tomatoes and Kale combines much of that deliciousness in one pot. Cook up some biscuits and enjoy this warm and comforting meal in front of the fire.








Cake in a pan--who doesn't love pancakes? These lovely parsnip pancakes are a really yummy side dish, and a nice change from roasting or broiling.



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