TapRoot Farms Guest House

Happy Friday Friends of TapRoot Farms:

We would like to invite you to consider having a holiday on the farm this year. For the past couple of years we have had lovely long term tenants at the Swallows Nest Farm Stay Guest House. They have loved being on the farm, feeding the pigs and seeing the seasons change. They are moving back home to Western Canada now and so we are once again able to host guests at the farm. 

As an incentive for bookings and also for building a community around the farm stay home, I thought of this idea of creating a draw. If it works, 20 groups will get a weeks stay at a randomly selected date for a significantly discounted weekly rate. Here is the post I made about it:

Be one of 20? We are looking for 20 people to ‘time share’ our farm guest house from August - December. Learn more about our space at our taprootfarms.ca website. 20 people (or groups of 6), 20 weeks, 1/2 the regular weekly price. Sunday - Saturday week long only. The first 20 names go in a draw for the weeks. 50% down is needed before the draw. The draw will happen when we get 20 participants. Our farm stay guest house has been occupied for over a year. This summer we are ready to have weekly guests again. Join us for a holiday or a restful staycation on the farm. Any questions? Ask here or email me: patricia@taprootfarms.ca....there are so many more details.....if you are in, email me. All 20 will have first choice of 2020 ‘time share’ slots. #goingforit #timeshare #farmstay #stayonourorganicfarm #holidayonthefarm

I am going to make an edit : Monday - Sunday week long. 

I was thinking people might be interested in doing it as a fun getaway with friends or family, or as a place for a working retreat. The nightly rate works out to be $125. If you and 5 others went in together, you could share the week, two nights each if you couldn't get away for the whole time. THE IDEA is to have people visit the farm and have an enjoyable experience. It also provides us with some predictability on who is coming when. 

Here is a link to our site: http://taprootfarms.ca/visiting-the-farm/#vacation

Here is a link to our Farm Stay Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TaprootFarmstays/

And here is a link to my email. If you wish to be one of 20, email me and I will put your name in for the draw.  Once I get 20 people who want to be in the draw and they have committed by providing 50% of the rate ($375), then I will do the draw and send everyone their dates.  If we don't get 20 then I will refund your deposit and think of another idea. 

May be it will work.  Maybe it won't.  But I thought I'd give it a try. 

In other farm news, the spinach is growing under the tunnels, the days are longer, the seedlings are popping up, the animals are happy to be bathing in the warm sun on this lovely spring days, our organic certification application is submitted for another year, life on the farm is going well. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!