TapRoot Farms Update

Hello All TapRoot Farms CSA Members:

Just a couple of things on this lovely Monday morning. 

1) We are doing a sun dance here at the farm! We are on the fields working today. It is an amazing day! Lots of food is getting seeded today. AND on the weekend I spent some time in the garden with two of my sweet nieces. 

2) The Summer/Fall season begins the week of July 1st. The Winter/Spring season last delivery is June 27th. There are winter/fall members who have not signed back up, so if you are wanting to keep getting food directly from us with your CSA box, please check your account or contact us to sign you back up. Also, we are still accepting members until the first week of July. 

3) Kim has been posting each week on the farm blog. Check out her latest and please feel free to share: http://taprootfarms.ca/2019/06/food-thoughts-wet-weather-impact/

3b) FYI both the van and the truck have decided they needed a break and are at the shop. (grrr)

4) The images here show the tunnel being mulched with straw. I think that is Patrick and Mark. AND we got rid of the dumpster.  Yahoo! With team work we have been doing such a great job sorting that the dumpster has become redundant. This was a great feeling moment. 

5) The goslings have arrived and are happy and settled for those who are getting a Raise My Goose this year. 

6) Please know that today the team of people who grow your food are smiling and so happy to be getting on with farming warmer and drier soil. 

Have a great day!