TapRoot Newsletter - March 9 to 13

News from the farm:

Focus on Phoebe

In the shares this week you have frozen tomatoes and frozen basil in oil. Really I should not be calling it pesto because it has no butter, nuts, or cheese in it. It is basil and oil.

Josh asked that I take a minute to let you know that Phoebe made all of these winter goodies possible. She arrives at TapRoot  mid summer with her husband Melvin from Grey River, Newfoundland. She spends her days in the kitchen - she made all of the dilly beans last  year and looked after all of the processing of basil and bagging of tomatoes. Thanks Phoebe!

If for some reason you missed your tomatoes and basil - (they were in a cooler at many of the pick-ups) - please let me know. Jem indicated for sure some of you at Sackville did not get them and Josh mention that at our house the pesto didn't make it. Fire me off an email and we will be sure you get it next week!

Important dates:

The final week of CSA is the week of March 23 - 28th. I was wrong last week. Jem spoke to me on Monday and indicated that I might have been wrong and sure enough, the CSA started on March 31st last year and with 50 weeks, that takes us to the final week being March 23rd. Can I be anymore confusing? I am sorry!

March 16-21 is the final week of the Staple Share and the Meat Share.

The new CSA seasons begins on April 6th.

Although the one week space was not intentional, it will now provide time for Ed to learn the new route and use to work out some details as we start a new season with you. 

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

You've got pesto arriving in your share boxes this week. I think pesto tastes great slathered on any number of dishes--pasta, grilled panini, spread over meat or tofu and baked--but I wanted to try something different and made this pesto bean soup last night. First, it's dead easy, which on this Daylight Savings Time (argh) Monday, is helpful. You'll have supper on the table in 30 minutes. More importantly, it's delicious! We served it up with some crusty bread and enjoyed a hearty meal last night.

I love it when a recipe tastes decadent and is a breeze to make. That's the case with these creamy garlic mushrooms. It's a great side to pretty much anything and you can go from chopping to serving in 20 minutes.

Why "Eggs in Hell"? That delicious red tomato sauce the eggs are poached in is a wee bit spicy, but in a good way. Just enough heat to give you a tingle but not enough to have you grabbing for the milk and bread. We have three laying hens at home so we always have eggs, and with frozen tomatoes coming in the share box this week, I know what I'll be making.

Oh my goodness... this is the most delicious savoury pie!

Last week, I wrote about my three favourite desserts--apple crisp, blueberry grunt, and strawberry shortcake. True blue Maritimer here. My dad taught me to make baked apples when I was a kid and this past weekend, I found a recipe that combines the crisp that I love with the warm, oozy goodness of a baked apple: apple crisp stuffed baked apples. Heaven!


Shares Deliveries: Mar 09 - Mar 15

Egg Share 2014
Farm Fresh Eggs - 1/2 dozen (1/2 Dozen Eggs); 1 dozen (Dozen Eggs)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Veggie Share 2014
Sprouts - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Mushrooms - 1/2 lb (Appetizer Share); 1 lb (Entree Share)
Valley Mushrooms - Non Organic
Frozen Pesto - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Frozen Tomatoes - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Onions - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Fruit Share 2014
Apples - Jonagold - 8 (Appetizer Share); 12 (Entree Share)
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
Dried Blueberries - None (Appetizer Share); 100g (Entree Share)
Terra Beaa - Non Organic
Beth's Preserves - 1 Bottle (Appetizer Share); 1 Bottle (Entree Share)
Beth @ Noggins - Non Organic
Large Tomato - 1 (Appetizer Share); 2 (Entree Share)
den Haans - Non Organic
Happy Friday night - Have a great weekend - Blessings to the Earth!