TapRoot Newsletter - Week 47

Good Day everyone. This is LAST weeks newsletter. (February 16-23)

Happy Monday. I hope you are all well and nourished and ready for a great week. 

Denise has provided us with some delicious looking and tasting recipes for the share box last week. 

A few observations: 1) The garlic was hard to sort as it went into the shares so you may have gotten one or two with some soft or mold spots. It is what it is this time of year. Our storage for it isn't ideal, it needs zero humidity and our storage doesn't offer that at the moment. Josh and I have been talking about how we can improve it for next year.  I have peeled all of mine and will either freeze or roast and freeze to use later. I peel away any spots I see, and if the clove is good, I use it. 

2) I am sure you are in the same situation as we are with the snow and weather. It certainly puts an added stress/pressure to the day to day activities. Thank you so much for adapting. We have been very fortunate so far that we do not have damage. The worst damage we've had is that some of the eggs froze last week when the power was out and the heater wasn't on. We didn't get plowed out until Wednesday. 

3) We hope you enjoyed the apple juice. Here is a link to a new page on the website with the juice story. http://taprootfarms.ca/Apple-Juice

4) It is Apple Month check out the Noggins blog..... http://nogginsbloggin.blogspot.ca/2015/02/celebrating-apple-month-at-hammonds.html

RECIPES from Denise's test kitchen

I enjoyed dinner last night with a friend and she made these fabulous lemon herb roasted potatoes. She directed me to the website where she found the recipe: rockrecipes.com --a site devoted to Newfoundland recipes, just like my nan used to make. :) Of course they're delicious. Yay, Newfoundland!

Another recipe from the Rock. This dijon roasted lemon chicken is simple and delicious. Simply delicious! And for the vegetarians out there, the recipe is easily adapted to tofu.

Mushrooms are one of those veggies that you can do myriad things with. One of my favourite things to do with mushrooms is to cook up an earthy mushroom ragout and serve it over a creamy, cheesy polenta. So good. So easy. Perfect winter food.

I was so excited to see candied--or chioggia--beets in the share box this week! I love this candied beetroot salad by Jamie Oliver. Again, simple ingredients, simple to make, and simply delicious.

Hey, did you know it's Apple Month? My mom used to tell me I'd grow an apple tree in my belly because I ate so many apples. I still do. :) I love this apple braid recipe. It's really easy to make and tastes kind of like a cross between apple pie and apple fritters. Yummy!


In your share boxes this week:


Veggie Share 2014
Mushrooms - 1/2 lb (Appetizer Share); 1lb (Entree Share)
Valley Mushroom - Naturally Grown
Apple juice - 945 mL (Appetizer Share); 945 mL (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Garlic - 2 bulbs (Appetizer Share); 4 bulbs (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Transition to Organic
Candy Beets - 1.5 lb (Appetizer Share); 3lb (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Potatoes - 2 lb (Appetizer Share); 4 lb (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Transition to Organic
Apples - 4 (Appetizer Share); 8 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic
Pea Shoots -  none (Appetizer Share); Lg (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Staple Share 2014
Apples carrots onions potatoes - 3,3,1,3 lb (Staple Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic
Egg Share 2014
Farm fresh eggs - 1/2 dozen (1/2 Dozen Eggs); 1 dozen (Dozen Eggs)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Meat Share 2014
Chicken - whole or pieces - Assorted (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms -
Ground Beef - 1lb (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms - Pastured
Pork Chops - 2 (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms - Pastured
Fruit Share 2014
Cortland Apples - 6 (Appetizer Share); 10 (Entree Share)
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
Cucumber - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
denHaans - Non Organic
Dried Cranberries - 100g (Appetizer Share); none (Entree Share)
tba - Non Organic
Juice and Fruit Jam - none (Appetizer Share); 1 and 1 (Entree Share)
tba - Non Organic