TapRoot Newsletter March 16 - March 22

Hello From the Farm!

STORM WEEK UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions and feedback on Facebook!  Considering the many factors here is what we propose:

I really hope this will work out  for all of us.


CSA End Date:

I have had a few questions about how I have calculated the end date for the CSA.  March 31 was Week 1 2014 followed by these dates: April 7,14,21,28, May 5,12,19,26, June 2,9,16,23,30, July 7,14,21,28, August 4,11,18,25,September 1,8,25,22,29, October 6,13,20,27, November 3,10,17,24, December 1,8,15, Jan 5, 12,19,26, February 2,9,16,23, March 2,9,16,23. I get 50 weeks.

Egg Share member update:

Thank you to everyone who has provided a response. If you haven't yet please let us know what you'd like to do. Also, I would like to expand a bit on 'the situation'. As we are asked questions I am beginning to realize that I may have left the impression that the price has increased and that is that. That is not the case in our minds at all. We are actively exploring ways to reduce this cost of production. We are checking and double checking the totals and we are doing a much more intensive tracking of amounts fed and time taken. We are exploring an investment in a watering system that will reduce the need to haul water with buckets and fill up water feeders that may reduce wage cost. Nathan does the chores early so he can be sure to have fresh shavings in each box so the eggs are clean. He is also looking into a different type of next box that allows the egg to roll out. We are doing a cost/values/benefit analysis of these options. Our hope is to find a way to maintain quality, fairness and happy hens at the same time as tightening up the cost of production. I just want to be sure you know that we are actively working to ensure a fair price for us all.  (if you didn't see the memo it is under newsletters and is titled Egg Share Price Increase)


Lily joined me on Saturday for deliveries. We had a grand time. It is really great to be able to have the kids work along side us on occasion. I just want to take a moment to sincerely thank and acknowledge the support of so many in providing us with locations for the CSA pickups. For those who operate businesses, as you can see from week to week,  we often take up parking spaces or we congest a through fair for a few minutes here and there, or we take up the front step of your home and often get the neighbors talking. In some cases the pickup locations end up accepting calls related to the CSA. The CSA really is about community and sharing and trusting and evolving together. If you have a chance to support any of the kind business or home owners who support us with offering a pickup location, please do.

The Loop
The Grainery
Bloom Greenhouses
Mosaic Market
Hammonds Plains Farmers Market
Emma's Eatery
Noggins Seaport
Maple Tree Montessori

Update on payment options:

We hoped to have the options for payment with our bank established by now.  We will update you as soon we know things are set up. We can't wait:))


Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I love winter squash--any type, and prepared any way. This recipe for creamy butternut squash linguine has comfort food written all over it. It's warm and delicious, and the perfect antidote (or accompaniment) to a winter storm. Seems like a good week to be posting this one!

Our meat share members have a whole chicken in their share boxes this week. I have a girlfriend who makes this chicken in milk recipe (from Jamie Oliver) and while I haven't had it myself (I'm vegetarian), it wins rave reviews at every dinner party I've attended at her place. For our dairy-free members, she's made it with coconut milk as well, also to rave reviews!

Also for our meat share members this week--this ham and cheese scone recipe is a yummy way to use up leftovers, if you have any. I've made this recipe without the ham and it's pretty darn fabulous. Great with soup!

I'll admit to never having (knowingly) enjoyed celeriac before I joined TapRoot CSA. Of course, after my introduction I wondered why the heck not. It's delicious! I love the mild celery flavour in a different texture. I found this recipe last spring and we loved the combination of the pureed celery root and beets. FYI, we had extra purée and cleaned it up with a nice, crusty bread. Also delicious!

I always use my pea shoots in salads or on sandwiches and I love them. But last week I wasn't really feeling the typical lunch fare so still had my pea shoots when Friday rolled around. I tried this great stir-fried pea shoots recipe and I was rocketed back to my favourite little dim sum dive in Toronto's Chinatown. Yum!

There are more yummy apples in the fruit shares this week. I have made this apple walnut tart recipe and full disclosure--my apple roses weren't this beautiful. They were dismal, in fact. But OMG, this tart is so good it's ridiculous. I'm going to take another crack at it this weekend and if you do, too, I hope your roses turn out better than mine. Send photos!


And one from CSA member, Glennis Smith:

Warm Red Cabbage with Bacon 

1 shallot, leek or bunch of green onion (I have used any of these; they all work) in a deep fry pan with a little olive oil until lightly brown.  

Add in: 
6 cups of chopped red cabbage (long shreds look the best)

Drizzle with a little more oil and toss with tongs until it just begins to limp a bit but still crisp -- about 5 minutes 
Season with coarsely grated salt and fresh ground pepper while tossing. 

4 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 Tablespoons oil 
Add in a handful of raisins or cranberries in the warm vinegar 
Let sit for five minutes. 

Add to the cabbage mixture: 
1/2 cup or more of crumbled bacon
1/2 cup chopped toasted whole almonds  (or other nuts if preferred)

Finally, add the warm balsamic vinegar to the cabbage mixture and toss through.  

This is so good, even left over and re-heated. 

Tip: I used the crumbled real Bacon from Costco which I keep in the freezer for recipes. Easy peasy…

Glennis Smith 

Happy eating! :)

Shares Deliveries: Mar 16 - Mar 22, 2015

Egg Share 2014
Farm Fresh Eggs - 1/2 dozen (1/2 Dozen Eggs); 1 dozen (Dozen Eggs)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Staple Share 2014
Apples, Carrots, Onions, Potatoes - 1 (Staple Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic
Meat Share 2014
Ham - 1 (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms - Pastured
Whole Chicken - 1 (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic
Sausages - 1 (Meat Share)
TapRoot Farms - Pastured
Fruit Share 2014
MacIntosh - 3lb (Appetizer Share); 5lb (Entree Share)
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
XL Honeycrisp - 2 (Appetizer Share); 2 (Entree Share)
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
Tomatoes - 1 (Appetizer Share); 2 (Entree Share)
den Haans - Non Organic
Frozen Blueberries - none (Appetizer Share); 1 pint (Entree Share)
Jay Barkman - Non Organic
Fruit Juice - 1 (Appetizer Share); none (Entree Share)
Terra Beata - Non Organic
Veggie Share 2014
Peeled Squash - 1lb (Appetizer Share); 2lbs (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic
Potatoes - 1.5lbs (Appetizer Share); 3 lbs (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Transition to Organic
Turnip - smaller (Appetizer Share); larger (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Transition to Organic
Pea Shoots - small (Appetizer Share); large (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Celeriac - smaller (Appetizer Share); larger (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Dilly beans - 1 (Appetizer Share); 1 (Entree Share)
TapRoot Farms - Non Organic