TapRoot Newsletter: Weeks 44 & 45


It is Tuesday and no storm day. Yahoo!

The past two weeks have been quite something for all of us. It was such a great feeling yesterday and today to just have a regular day. The ordinary routine of the week really feels nice. Like many work places this time of year we have had colds and flu's, challenging weather and vacations to integrate into the days. We have rounded the corner to most of that. Jem and Josh both arrived back to the farm yesterday. Jem has been in Costa Rica.  Josh has arrived back from days spent with the men who work with us. One of the guys here on the farm has been sick for over a week and thankfully he is feeling better and is back. Monday was a real happy day of regrouping.

News from the farm:

Jocelyn who arrived at TapRoot last spring to take on the work while Justine is on maternity leave is moving on from TapRoot. This week she will have her final full time day. Jocelyn and her partner Chris purchased land and are establishing with permaculture principles their land to grow food for themselves and others. This new position Jocelyn has taken on will enable her to work from home, part-time, giving her much more time to work at creating the property and vision that they have. We are freaking out about what we will do without Jocelyn around, but we are so excited for her and Chris as they build their dream.

Ed joined the farm three weeks ago. Ed is delivering TapRoot CSA shares. In April we move into a new delivery schedule that will continue to require a full-time driver. We are happy for Ed to be here with us to finish out our current CSA year and to begin with us for a new one:) 

Falicia is happily accepting payments for the CSA season we are currently in and also for the new 2015 CSA year. This time of year the paper work gets a bit backed up because we have all of the CSA memberships to enter into Quick Books. It is a great job to do, but does take a bit of time. Falicia has also got the paper work all in for the bank to set us up with more payment features. More to come on that as we get it set up. 

Last week Justine completed a blog post for the meat shares. Please check it out if you like.  The blog also includes Nathan's animal update and a recipe:))

Last week Jill sent along a sage post for us all. Jill tended, harvested, dehydrated and packaged the sage for you. Her hands are amazing! Check out her blog post on the sage you received in your shares last week. 

And finally, Denise prepared a blog post about TapRoot work share opportunities. We are looking forward to expanding our work share offering this year. 

Two important surveys. Please be sure to complete one or the other, PLEASE!!!

If you are Looking forward to another year with TapRoot could you please complete this survey as soon as possible?

If your time with TapRoot has come to an end and you find yourself saying "I am not renewing my CSA in 2015" could you please complete this survey?

TapRoot Farm Event for February 2015

Saturday February 14th Come celebrate Valentines Day at the farm with us. We will have a pond skate (if we have a space on the pond clear), snow shoes welcome, a bonfire and hot 'lovin' chocolate or hot mulled cider for all. We will also have onions to seed. February is the time of year to seed leeks, celeriac and onions. Join us anytime in the afternoon of February 14th (afternoon meaning to 1-4). RSVP if you think of it.

Recipe ideas sourced by Denise:

Any day is a good soup day in the winter.  I love making this Butternut Squash Posole. It's easy, and a delicious way to use your squash and give it a bit of a kick.

I (Denise) get excited about red cabbage. I can't grow it in my garden so I'm always very happy when I start getting them in my share box. I'm a bit salad-ed out right now so I tried this Potato Red Cabbage Tikki recipe last night. Let's just say you may want to make a few extra for leftovers.


Shares Deliveries: Sunday, February 8, 2015 - Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Egg Share 2014

Veggie Share 2014

And Last week......

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, February 1, 2015 - Saturday, February 7, 2015

Veggie Share 2014

Egg Share 2014

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Meat Share 2014

Fruit Share 2014

Happy Valentine's Week:))