TapRoot Week 28 Oct 6-11

From the Farm: October 5 - 11, 2014

These first few days of October have been adventurous for sure. Saturday we had an unfortunate situation where the tractor ended up in the pond. All of the people on the farm are safe and sound - the tractor however has been into the shop where the prognosis isn't good at all. 

Josh's update: 

~ We are bringing everything in now. The yard is filling up with squash. We are getting a good sense of what volume of storage crops we have. One thing I am feeling disappointed about is the red onions. This year I made a decision to support a different seed company because they advertised a red onion that sounded great. As it turns out, it is not a good variety for this region. We seeded 50000 seeds, transplanted every 6 inches, two rows per bed, 10 beds, 1000 feet long and hole weeded a few times. Our expected harvest was 15 bins and we got 3. Lesson learned - stick with varieties we know and test new ones before switching it up. (lesson we already knew but for some reason, (scratching head) just went for it with this variety)

~ Three pallets of frozen goodies have headed to the freezer (we rented space from another farmer). Josh is excited because we have lots of cherry tomatoes frozen now so that in the winter you will be able to pull out a handful of cherry tomatoes to pop into your cooking. He does this all winter and wanted you to have the same opportunity. 

~ We are currently sorting out details of making certified organic apple juice with a local processor (and another farmer with more organic apples). This is yet another 'big' risk that we are excited about testing. It would be shelf stable - organic apple juice. Would you like to have access to Local Organic Apple Juice? 

In other news:

Phoebe, Jillian and I (Patricia) canned tomatoes all day Saturday. It was really fun! Pheobe was also bagging and freezing roma's 6 to a bag for winter shares. We have decided not to can for everyone this year. We decided this for two reasons - one not everyone wants the value of the jar of tomatoes in their share boxes, and two, many people were concerned about using the tomatoes. So, to eliminate both of those concerns, we now have 88 jars of canned tomatoes for sale. I personally packed and processed each of these jars with a lot of love and positive thoughts for the joy of eating romas in January.

Here is how I have costed it out:

  1 Litre Jars 500 mL Jar
Jar cost $0.94 $0.55
Tomato Cost $4.00 $2.50
Labour Cost $3.10 $2.80
Total $8.04 $5.85
Labour Cost 2.5 people  
  8 hours  
  $13 per hour  

If you would like order a jar or 12 - please do so in the add on section of the webpage. I will likely do another full day on Friay or Saturday.





Have a lovely week everyone! Thanks so much for all you do!

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, October 5, 2014 - Saturday, October 11, 2014

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