Thanks, Farm Update and Covid 19 Delivery Plans

Hello All,

First off let me say thank you so much for the questions and advice rising up from my last email. We very much appreciate your feedback. We are going to stay the course for now with what we planned for this year and we are going to do what we did last year (and have been doing all year so far) which is tighten up all spending. The issue of course with this is that in order to reinvest in the farm we do need to spend, so the problem does need addressing. You have made some good suggestions about crops that are not loved and also about not getting caught up in needing to be all things to all people. This is helpful to hear, thank you. I will share more thoughts on this later. There is work to be done for sure on increasing the farms profitability and I will follow up. 

A quick farm update. All is going well. It was so great to have Bolo, Cocotea, Kingsley, Mark, Lindon, Patrick and Martel emerge out of isolation on Wednesday. On Thursday so much got done because they were back. It truly is incredible how much work gets done with a dedicated skilled team. 

On a very sad note, on Thursday evening, Babo's mom passed. As you can imagine it is incredibly hard to be so far away when your family needs and wants you. Babo's mom lived just up the hill from him in their small rural community in the mountains of Jamaica. We will be passing the hat around to our farm team to raise funds to help with the costs. If you are able to share a dollar or two to contribute to the hat, I am certain Babo and his family would be very thankful. 

This evening everyone is pushing because of this nice day to get as much done as possible before more rain. Tasks that are happening include: cultivating peas, spraying the orchards, getting tunnels up, preparing to plant peas hopefully in the morning and moving pigs. 

Finally - COVID....I would like to offer the two week option again for those who can handle it so that we can minimize movement. ALSO I would like to offer home delivery option for those of you who live relatively close to the core of town or the farm. If you live further than 10 minutes out of the city (from the Citadel) or from the farm could you please hold back asking and use the option of curbside pickup at the locations? I have a strong feeling that we need to offer more options to reduce movement/interactions for us all. 


1. Sign into TapRoot Farms - to your account. Access it from

2. Check that your account information is accurate, your civic address and phone number

3. Scroll below the list of items in the share next week. 

4. Under Share Add on's for May 12, 2021, Click on 1. Delivery Options and select what applies to you. You can have both a home delivery and a two week delivery or one or the other. Please remember to not select home delivery if you live further than a 10 minute drive from the Citadel or from the farm. Many thanks. 

I do hope this helps us to stay safe and stay home. 

I am thinking of you all! This is rough.

Big hugs and love from your farmers!