The Loop is now OPEN

Good Morning CSA Members who usually pickup at the The Loop:

Mimi messaged me on Sunday that she will be open again. YAHOO!!!! THIS WEEK! She is open today! 

We will deliver your share back at the loop again this week. The only change for Mimi is that she is closing at 5 PM vs 6 PM in the past. 

ALSO, the pickup will be less interactive with Mimi. A distance smile and wave, you will self serve. Mimi has a nice space next to her door that is sheltered from the sun. She has been doing her pickups there for yarn. I will place the CSA shares near the entrance and she will keep a close eye on them. 

You are getting this message if you signed up to pick up you CSA box at The Loop since January or for starting a few weeks from now. I can't send to just the current members so everyone gets the message. 

Thank you so much to Mimi and to all of you for helping as we all adapt. 

I am excited!