The cold has come! Four more weeks of our 2019 CSA

Happy Tuesday Everyone: 


Four more week...Can you believe it! I feel like not long ago we were all sweating it out, harvesting grape tomatoes in the tunnels, waiting for a little cloud cover so you can catch your breath in the humidity. Now we can see our breath! 


Our cold storage is getting filled up with cabbages, carrots, beets, kohlrabi and potatoes. All of those hardy vegetables to get us through the winter. Which means the fields are getting cleaned up one at a time. We have about ½ a bin of carrots to harvest, a couple bins of watermelon radish, and some brussel sprouts and kale left to salvage from their frosty stocks.   Josh thinks about a week of work in the fields will have everything harvested and indoors. So by the end of the week our cooler should be nice and full.  


Which is perfect timing, Winter on the farm means a smaller labour force doing mostly packing, cleaning and planning for the next season. What will next season look like? It is hard to say, we are looking forward to some changes coming to the way we do a CSA, and I wish I could share more of that but we honestly do not have that structure/scheme fully developed in our own heads. I do know that you will all be the first to know when we have it all put together. 


Bobby, Melvin and Phoebe some of the folks who come down each year from Newfoundland have made the trip back home for the winter. Melvin and Phoebe are headed waaay up North to Inuvik to visit with their daughter for the holidays, wish them luck in that cold! And starting next Thursday; Courtney, Kingsley, Mark and Baboo head back to Jamaica after a season of hard work, long days and  jerk pork. It feels good to have a team like this behind the farm. Folks who each year come back to this land to help produce healthy food for us all. We would not be here today without them. There are ten other farmers here from Jamaica who will slowly start to head home as our farm closes up on harvest for 2019. 


Makaila and Betty have been busy setting up the shoot room, getting ready for micro green season. We are putting in metal shelving to replace the old wooden ones, and working on outreach to see who is interested in these tasty greens throughout the winter. We have a sunny insulated room on the front of our squash shed/office space. It is perfect for starting pea, sunflower and radish shoots! We are looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks. 


Josh will be presenting his year long work on flax fibre in his Nuffield scholarship on December 4th! He has put an incredible amount of himself into this work and we are all proud and looking forward to him being able to share that with others. Trish is in Ottawa this week at the Canada Organic Trade Associations (COTA) organic summit.  We are all looking forward to hearing about her time there. 


Just a reminder that this CSA season ends the week of December 9th - 13th. If there are items that you absolutely love or would like to see more of/try in the next couple of weeks, please let me know :) I have also been updating the Add ons, you can now buy everything we have to sell, including some updated fruit (fresh and frozen) from Noggins. Chicken breast has a reduced price, we have some packs of chicken breast from June this year that we are selling for 3.00/lbs in the meat and fish section of the add ons.


**And a special Maple Syrup order form Hutchinson's Maple Syrup. Leanne from Hutchinson's has reached out as an end of season treat, with a special for bulk orders of organic 2 L maple syrup. She offers us this discount usually once or twice a year. We would need about 40 bottles ordered to get the sale price of $30.00/ bottle. I have added it to the bulk buying section of the Add ons. Orders have to be made by December 2nd and maple syrup will be delivered with the last week of shares December 9th to 13th.


Finally, as the season draws to an end, we are planning a gathering- a shin-dig, a soirée of sorts the evening of December 10th.There will be food, an opportunity to share stories, meet other share members and enjoy the last bits of CSA fun from 2019. We are hoping to have this event at the Seaport Farmers market, but will let you know the time and location once we have a confirmation from the powers that be. We will make an online event and share it with everyone.


That's it for now folks, 

Hope you enjoy your veggies this week and I will see you soon