The first Meat shares

Good Morning,

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding your first meat share delivery.

Two things, one - the value of the beef was $1.00 higher than it should have been so I will be doing a correction on your invoices that we have here which means you will have more value for the week after next. Tim is new with us and he was going about the shares alone yesterday and he was taking the price i posted online as a source of information for members as the true price. This months beef had a really good return so the price is less. Two - I did not communicate well with the team here what I had intended to go into the meat share - they didn't see what I had posted. However, the share contents also need to add up to as close to the value as possible so in some cases bacon for example isn't possible if we don't have enough really small chickens.

So, I will communicate to each of you the change in value and I will do a better job of ensuring that what I list for the share is as accurate as possible.

Thanks so much and so very sorry for any disappointment caused, it was my fault.

Enjoy the day!