The (in)famous Kohlrabi

Happy Wednesday All! 

As we get ready to pack the shares for today, I realized that I hadn't given an introduction to the (in)famous kohlrabi in your shares this week! 

I use infamous not because Kohlrabi is in any way bad, it is simply one of those vegetable that is relatively unknown in the vegetable scene, but grows abundantly around Nova Scotia. For folks who have been a part of our shares in past seasons, I'm sure you have been given many "heads up!" on this sweet brassica.

Every size share this week is getting a kohlrabi, they are quite big this first harvest (like the size of my head big) but never fear, they keep well in your refrigerator, up to several weeks ,making them low urgency to eat up quickly. Unless you utterly love them and eating them up quickly is no problemo! 

 You can eat this vegetable raw, or cooked. Yesterday while dropping off the shares at Hope United we had lots of ideas flying around on how to eat it. From chopping it up with carrots and topping it with a tasty peanut sauce, to cooking it up with mash potatoes or into a stew. 

We left the leaves on your kohlrabi, they too are good to eat. I would treat them the same way you would Kale. Steam the leaves, turn them into chips, put them in a stirfry, or cook them up as collard greens! There are lots of options out there. 

Preparing your Kohlrabi:

Trim off the leaves and stems

Cut into the kohlrabi and remove the waxy green outer layer of the vegetable. The part you want to eat is the crisp inside white flesh. It has a consistency similar to radish (but is much sweeter!) 

If folks have a favourite kohlrabi recipe it would be great if you wanted to post it onto the Farms facebook page

And finally just a heads up that I have taken Field tomatoes off the Bulk Add On, they are coming in much slower, the plants are in a bit of a down hill state. There are still tomatoes on the vine so if they ripen up well I may stick them back on for a time. 

We do however have LOTS of grape tomatoes. They are great for freezing, or making sweet sauces. 



That is all for now, I will be sending a little farm update by the end of the week. The seasons are definitely shifting and we are seeing a lot more root vegetables, squash and brassicas coming out of the fields. And the smell of apples and falling leaves are all around! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!