Thursday Morning Farm Update

Happy Thursday to you.

What am amazing rain we had last night. The ground is well watered now. 

Martel is harvesting a few beets  this morning from the tunnel before planting basil. 

If anyone had any issues with deliveries yesterday please be sure to email us. ( We did find some errors on the delivery lists and we did make some mistakes in loading the vans with add on's but luckily overall it was a successful first day of the new 2020 CSA season. 

All home deliveries were completed and will happen on Wednesday each week. It all seemed to go smoothly at all locations, how was your experience? Friday members fingers crossed it all goes well for you too. 

NEW members take note: BAD APPLE POLICY 

It is our intention to provide you with the freshest and most delicious veggies and fruit the farm can offer. If for some reason you get something that is not meeting these two criteria, please send us an email and let us know - put in the subject Bad Apple. Let us know what you found, send a picture please and we will send along a replacement the following week. 


To see what is in your share, go to: I post the share list on Friday for the following week. It does change sometimes, but this is what we anticipate it will be. Save this URL. Also this is where you can log in to your account. 


If you have questions on how to use something in your share box, please ask. We do not want you feeling overwhelmed or confused. We can help. You can also ask in the group (which is now visible so you can find it - hard to join a group you can't find - sorry about that.)  (

 The Valley Veggie share had a change. Regular peas vs snow peas because we did not end up having enough snow peas. The next patch will be ready soon and then we will be sure to have them in the shares for you. 

Garlic Scapes are the first garlic flavour of the year. These are the immature seed heads. If left on the plant they will flower and 100's of garlic bulbils will form. The bulbils will fall to the ground and next year there will be many 'baby' garlic. We harvest the scapes because we want the plant to put all the energy into the bulb in the ground vs putting energy into the seed. You can use garlic scapes in a variety of ways. 1) garlic scape pesto, 2) sauteed, 3) roasted, 4) finely chopped in salad. You can eat the whole thing. 

New members - we do offer a really great cook book called Simply In Season that we feel is an excellent cookbook to have as a member of our CSA. All of the items you get in your shares are in the cook book that is simple to follow and always 100% delicious. For example there are 10 recipes for Swiss Chard. One of my favourites is Sweet and Sour Swiss Chard. 

This morning on the farm we are planting basil in the tunnel, harvesting peas, bagging greens, hauling chickens, protecting the sweet cherries from the raccoons (electric fence) and birds (whaler), mowing the chicken pasture area, weeding the leeks and carrots, weeding zucchini, washing tubs to harvest sweet cherries into, pruning & tying tomato plants, and fixing the cultivating tractor. 

Wishing you a great day!