Thursday quick note

Good Morning Members,

Just a quick note. 

1) There is a choice for next week: Sunchokes or Black Spanish Radish. If  you wish to make a choice you can log in and choose it in the add on section. For those of you who this hasn't been working for, I am hopeful this week will be smooth. 

2) Because our CSA members numbers are down this winter we have extra TapRoot raised meat in inventory. We have added the meat share to the Add On list. If you purchase one it will be what is in the meat share that week. They are $25 per share. Your share will say Meat Share and be in the cooler for that location. Be sure you see the add -on next to your name and remember to sign the invoice for our files that you have received it. 

3) Nettles are coming next week in the share. Please note: you must not touch it with your bare hands. Here is a blog post from a few years ago on Nettles. They are very good for you and delicious. Please read.

4) You are also getting dandelion greens. They are only available for a very short time and also have great health benefits. Please use the right away and enjoy this spring flavour.

Have a lovely rest of your week.