Turkey in your meat share

Hi everyone!


Thanks to those of you who emailed about turkeys from reading the newsletter (if I've replied, then I have received your request, thanks!) 

Thought I'd send out a note to give everyone the opportunity to decide whether you would like a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Last year we gave meat share holders a turkey at a value of $50.00 (one meat share for entree shares or two meat shares for appetizer shareholders), with the option to opt out of getting a turkey and just receiving a regular meat share (items TBA) instead.

The turkeys are from Oulton's Meats (Martock Glen) in Windsor.

We are planning how many turkeys to order, so if you are wanting to OPT OUT of getting a turkey from us as part of your meat share, please let us know as soon as possible and we'll make sure you get a regular meat share instead (teri@taprootfarms.ca). 

If you are interested in purchasing a turkey in addition to your meat share(s), please contact Oulton's Meats in Windsor at 798-4734.


Teri Dillon
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