Update for today

Good Morning,

For many of you this will be a regular week so no need to read further. 

If you selected double up or home delivery please read. 

For home delivery I will leave your shares at the door. I will knock and depart. 

For double up weeks: please take one regular share and one that has  sticker on it - 'Double Up'. If you get eggs, take double what you get and if you get meat take two. 

I really hope I got this all sorted correctly. It will say on the list what you are to get, please be sure it says double up. If it does not please do not take. This will really mix things up. If you missed the order cut off I am sorry, I am unable to make it happen on the delivery day, I need a few days notice. I will ask Katelyn to check and be in touch with anyone who maybe be in this situation. 

Thank you, stay safe and take care,