WEEK 4 & 5 and Friday Update

Happy Friday CSA Members. 

Quick notes: 

  1. On Friday's you can go to our web page and see what to expect for the week ahead. You can also log on to choose your weekly "YOU CHOOSE" option. (please order any add on's or make your choice 24 hours prior to the day of your delivery. ie. Monday delivery, order by Saturday midnight) 
  2. This time of year keep watch for frozen items in your shares. We don't want you to miss out. 
  3. I have posted the shares for next week and your choice is onions or kohlrabi with onions being the default if you do not choose kohlrabi :)
  4. Have a fantastic weekend!

This past week in your shares:



Looking head to this coming week:





On that farm:

I am sorry I am late in sending this out. AND since I am so late, I am doing this newsletter for this week and next. Each week is full of adventures this week kept me out of the office more than usual. 

Take Good Care!  Happy eating!