WEEK 7: TapRoot CSA

Welcome to Week 7 and the last week of February.

This week you have a share of parsnips to enjoy. Parsnips are not only delicious but also great for us. If you google parsnips health benefits you will get lists of sites talking about high dietary fibre, high vitamin C, high potassium, etc.  For some parsnip nutrition facts check out this site: https://draxe.com/parsnip-nutrition AND for some yummy recipe ideas,here are a few: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-10-ways-parsnips

We don't have as many parsnips as we were hoping because of an error back in July when some parsnips were harvested by accident 3 months too soon, but we do have three bins for the winter to share with you and hopefully there will be at least one more time in the share boxes. 

The easy Patricia parsnips dish is this: rinse parsnips (i don't peel), trim the ends, slice in large slices (evenly sized), drizzle with olive oil and a little bit of maple syrup, place in oven to roast for approximately 60 minutes at 350. If we had them more often i would steam them and again I would leave the peel on. 

In other farm news, Korey and Brother in law Billy put have put the dual wheels back on our tractor after the winter with a snow blower on.... its is time to put the manure spreader on to start the make sure the field are ready for planting in April. 

I, Patricia, am currently in Madison WI. I have attended the Central US Hemp growers convention sharing our machines with the hemp community. This is our first time entering into the hemp arena and I have come away excited by the possibilities. I know some of you have been following hemp and hemp food products, but we haven't really been focused on that. I've learned lots and hope we can apply to grow some hemp for seeds and fibre at the farm. While here I have also had an opportunity to connect with artists and engineers at the University of Wisconcin Madison, they asked me to speak as part of their Great Lakes Fiber Network speaker series and it all worked out perfectly. I am sharing what TapRoot is up to with our vegetable farming, CSA and our evolution into processing bast fibres. I get home Thursday and always miss the farm when I am away, but appreciate the people I am meeting and the work I am learning about. 

One of my tasks while I have been travelling is thinking of this years events. It is soon time for us to connect at a CSA member event. We often host a spring walk to see the farm. How about Friday March 30th for a farm walk and talk and potluck? Let me know what you think. If any one is interested in taking on helping to coordinate a CSA member gathering by all means let me know. Otherwise, suggestions are most welcome. 

Have a great rest of your week! 

Patricia and the TapRoot Team