WEEK 8: TapRoot CSA

Happy March everyone! 

IMPORTANT: don't forget your frozen tomatoes this week 

IMPORTANT: aphids....some aphids have enjoyed living on the kale and swiss chard this winter even though we used biologicals to try and control but they couldn't keep up. When harvesting the kale and swiss chard the team was picking out the leaves with aphids and burning them in the big wood burner we have on the farm. You will likely still have some aphids that will need to be washed off. My suggestion is to wash your greens when you get them. Enjoy these winter treats. 

Life on the farm has shifted slightly. We are now seeding and weeding and harvesting greens this week. It is an exciting time when we get the greenhouse going. It marks the beginning of a new year. This reminds me. Last week I met up with Greta. She was an intern here on the farm in 2014 or 15 I believe (I can't remember which year). She now lives in Madison WI where she is doing her PhD on cattle grazing and invasive species management (I think I have that right but don't hold me to it). We were discussing spring and we got to thinking and talking about Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle A Year of Food Life. It begins in March. I am going to read it again. I highly recommend it as a great book to support the journey of food and farm, the CSA journey. 

The van got fixed on Friday and broke down again yesterday. OH NO, the days for the van are numbered. We purchased it with the support of our CSA members in 2010. We needed a down payment for the loan for the van of $10,000. We asked and our members were able to support us in accessing the cash needed.  The van has lasted all these years doing multiple trips to the city each week. I was hoping we'd get 10 years but that was asking a lot. We will invest another $2000 to keep it running for short runs between our farm and Noggins and we will purchase a new van for our deliveries. Luckily Dad and sister Carolyn at Noggins don't need their white van during the week right now so we can use it until we sort out a new van. 

For the next two weeks I, Patricia will be away with Lily, Izaak and Frank visiting their grandfather (having a holiday). Justine is going to come in to help with CSA emails, delivery lists and general support for the team. Kim and Katelyn, Makaila and Korey will be holding doing the farm fort along with the great team of Tim, Ben, Bobby, Garfield, Betty, Evelyn, Michael, Malcolm, Wesley, Steve and Jem. 

Also, Josh is away on an exciting adventure that I will share more about very soon. I would like to dedicate an entire email to you all explaining what he is doing. He leaves on Thursday and will be away until April 26th. He has been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to complete a global study of agriculture. More on that later. 

Have a great week!