WEEK 9: TapRoot CSA

It is a stormy week 9. 

All of these weeks of good weather and winter has decided to visit us.

We do know March as a month of storms. They are usually short lived.  Justine will be in touch with any changes to deliveries.  

Many thanks to the kind offer (s) to provide Steve with a safe place to rest for the night. He has a sister in the metro area that he is staying with tonight.  

Makaila and team have been busy seeding and now watering and tending to these new seedlings. This is spinach and thanks to Kim for the photo. 

We got an email asking for the share list to be provided earlier. We post on Friday (except this week I was late doing it, forgive me please, I am on a holiday with the kids and Friday passed before I realized) if you go to the webpage and look at shares, the tab shares, you will find a list of what will be in the share for the week. At the bottom of the page you can change the date.  The share showing is the week we are in, so if you would like to see the week ahead you need to change that date. It is very helpful to get these emails so we understand what your needs are. 

We are wishing you all safe week! 

FYI: This week and next there is no choice.  I hope you enjoyed the kale or swiss chard last week!

Take Care and Happy Eating......I've started re-reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Barbara Kingsolver) I'm struck  to think how many people have no connection to the farm - no idea about where food comes from except the grocery store. You have a direct link. Your farm is at 451 Canard Street Port Williams and the team of farmers are right here. You can come anytime! I was quite emotional reading today about this lack of awareness to the food we  eat. I realize it to be true, but I just can't believe it (not my reality at all) . This year, please make it a priority to get out to the farm with your families. Please send ideas of what you would like for meaningful farm days. I want to provide with you as many learning and connection opportunities as possible. Knowing and understanding where our food comes from is so very important. Thank you for trusting in all of us at TapRoot and Noggins to provide you with your food each week. 

Patricia and the team at TapRoot.