Week 10 ~ TapRoot CSA

Happy Friday everyone! 

On the farm this afternoon I snapped a photo of some of the warehouse packing team. Tim, Louise, Makaila, Betty and Bob have been rocking out the washed and prepped vegetables this week. Honestly they have a high gear these days and accomplishing so much! The whole farm team has been working hard to help increase the farm net income this year. 

Pheobe has started processing basil pucks (basil in oil in the food processor and frozen in 1/4 cup puck). Pheobe will process basil, frozen tomatoes and corn. If you are interested in placing an order for any of these items for your freezer for the winter months please let us know. Wholesale and CSA member prices for bulk orders are: bags of corn are $5 (1 cup bag they take a lot of cobs and effort), the basil is $3 per puck and there are two pucks in a bag so $6, and the frozen tomatoes are $2.50 per lb. You can just email us your order if you'd like to have these items. 

These September days have been very hot and it is odd to hear Josh talking about wishing for rain and the need for rain this time of year. 

All of the crops are on the way in from the fields now. We have turnip coming in that will begin its storage life. The organic apples are looking delicious. You are getting some in your shares this week. Nearly all of them this week are from a tree in our yard at 1736 Church Street. If you are able to join us on Open Farm Day on Sept 16 you can see the very tree they were picked from if you like. 

Last week Josh combined the malting barley and delivered it to the malt house. This is a yearly learning journey to successful grow malting barley organically for the Horton Ridge Malt house. It just shows how it takes time and patience to grow crops and each year there are different circumstances to consider for all of our crops. It would be fun if we could deliver you veggies, and for those who enjoy it, organic TapRoot beer, although they won't likely call it that:)) 

You are getting broccoli again this week. I hope you enjoy it! It is broccoli time.  Another crop that has taken us some years to get 'good' at so now we have lots. 

This morning I had tea with one of our original CSA members from when we started the organic farm and CSA. I use to deliver out to Peddar's Way and then down to Hawthorne School, in 2009. It feels like yesterday really. She and her family took a few years off and came back to the farm this year. There are many of you who have been members for many years and some of you who are now our friends. I was explaining to her that these relationships are so special to us. I often speed through the day and don't take the time to connect with you, CSA members, and also others, in the way that feels good to me. It is either that things have become busier or I have lost the way in terms of priorities. Now and in the coming months, Josh and I will be diving deep into what the future looks like for us and the farm. We had a very clear plan 10 years ago. We had a very detailed 5 year plan I created for our CSA and our organic vegetables. Then about 5 years ago we revised it. As I said to one CSA member at pickup a few weeks ago, your farm and your farmers are at the midlife juncture, we need to articulate and create our next 10 year plan. If feels like it is time for TapRoot 2.0: The Midlife Farmer Adventure. 

As I type this my throat is hard and my eyes wet from what I believe is tremendous gratitude I feel towards you all. My cup runneth over. 

Have a joyful weekend! 


ps. these TapRoot kids started school this week. Izaak (16 and grade 11), Lily (12 and grade 8) and Frank (11 and grade 6)