Week 10 (June 8-14) TapRoot 2015

Happy Week 10, Members! 

This Sunday, June 14th, is weeding day on the farm! Join us as we harvest the greens that do NOT make into your share boxes. :) Ross the Noodle Guy will be on site at noon to cook us a hearty lunch ($12pp). Come for the morning or afternoon, or just for lunch. It's a fun day on the farm and we invite you to be part of it. BYOB (bug spray) & hoes. 11 AM - 4PM. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch. We look forward to seeing  you!

In other news:

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I've been experimenting at home with vegetable "noodles." I've tried carrot and zucchini noodles (both were great!), and this past weekend I tried parsnip noodles. They worked beautifully (a little bit nutty with a nice texture) in a simple stir fry I pulled together but I'm going to try them tonight in this dish with Marinated Chickpeas, Apples, and Dukkah (or duqqa--an Egyptian condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices). It looks delicious!

In keeping with the parsnip theme, I found this amazing sounding recipe for Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake. (!!) My mom's 70th birthday is coming up and she loves carrot cake, but I wanted to find something new to match the epic-ness of her milestone birthday. This cake won the 20th Good Food birthday cake competition so I figure it's a safe bet.

I'm all about bowls lately--Buddha bowls, brown rice bowls, noodle bowls... They are delicious, nutritious, and filled to the brim with yummy, seasonal veggies. Case in point: beet greens are the foundation of this Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl. The marriage of flavours and textures in here will make you wonder why you ever settled for cereal.

I really like these Garlic Greens as a side dish with some roasted peppers and sausages cooked on the BBQ. Beet greens = summer and summer = BBQ, therefore beet greens = BBQ. Simple math, really. :)

Mmm... I found this recipe for Pizza with Garlic Cream and Nettles and had to try it. We enjoyed it as a flatbread with some fresh salads and it was a pretty perfect midday meal.     

Member Melanie Sullivan sent along this recipe for Sour Cherry Slab Pie that she made over the weekend using a combination of cherries and rhubarb. The consensus around her table was: two thumbs up!