Week 11: TapRoot CSA

Happy Monday everyone! We started the day off quite chilly here at the farm but that sun is wonderful and heated up the greenhouses to 35 degrees this afternoon. 

FARM EVENT: I don't feel ready, but I won't ever feel ready these days with the to do list. I would love to visit with you and have a chance to connect. If it works for you, come to the farm Friday morning at 11 AM for a farm walk about and we can join in a potluck meal together at 12 PM. If the potluck is more than you want to do, just come for the walk or vice versa. 

Let's meet at 451 Canard Street at 11. We can walk around here, you can see where we are seeding and feel the warmth of the greenhouse, and then we can go over to 1736 Church Street for a meal and walk about at our home farm. 

RECAP: March 30 11 AM Farm Walk at 451 Canard Street (see the seeding room, the cooler, the greenhouse). Drive to 1736 Church Street for potluck. Then do a farm walkabout at Church Street.  

Please let me know if you can join us. 

HELP PLEASE: The farm needs two automatic vehicles, preferably van's, or station wagons. Anything that is able to move TapRoot staff and a few trays or tubs of veggies would be ideal. We also need a new delivery van. Our TapRoot Van has over 400 000 km's and needs to be put into shorter run use. Please send us any info or suggestions or advice or links. It is looking like it is going to be a big expenditure this year but a necessary one. Thanks in advance for any leads you can provide. Of course we would prefer to purchase from our CSA members. If any of you are connected to car sales or have a car/van for sale, please let us know. My cell is 902 670 3277 if you'd rather talk or text:))

Have you tried the peach puree from last week?

Exciting news from Noggins:

People have been preserving and canning  fruits and vegetables for centuries. This year Noggins, with the guidance of Dandan, a recent Graduate from a Masters in food processing at Dalhousie’s Agricultural College, will be working to put a modern spin on the age old preserve for you folks and our greater market community.  What we’re working on​: Dandan is currently working in our new food processing room (you can get a sneak peak by watching our Apple Chips Video on Facebook!). She is working with a new pasteurization machine which can puree all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This machine pressurizes our fruit creating the puree and heating it up to a temperate which kills off any bacteria. This gives the puree a sealed in freshness and longer shelf-life once it’s bottled.  The machine is a lot of fun for Dandan and she is continuously experimenting with new recipes based around 100% pure fruit or vegetable puree with no preservatives nor sugars. Anything from apricot fruit leathers to cauliflower soup! Over the next couple of months look for these preserves in your fruit shares. They can be consumed directly, used as a spread, as pie or dessert filling, added to your yogurt or smoothies!  Dandans goal it to make natural and healthy food with our fruit, that will last year round! 

Enjoy the greens this week! We are working hard to have greens earlier in the year for you to enjoy! Please let us know what you think. 

Kingsley, Courtney and Babo arrived from Jamaica on Thursday during the blizzard. Today they harvested the greens and hopefully tomorrow we will get one of the tunnels with spinach planted in it up and be harvesting spinach soon. Courtney will begin hauling manure. We need to have 15 loads piled on G field so when the fields are ready we can spread it. We have three stock pile locations that we spread from. It is good to haul when the ground is frozen so we don't make a big mess with mud on the roads. People don't like mud on the roads but sometimes we can't do much about it. 

There are deliveries on Monday next week. 

I was dreaming of making twice baked, baked potatoes with the potatoes in our shares this week with broccoli sprouts on top. Broccoli sprouts are really good for you. A quick search you will see what I mean. Eat them all up and raw is best. 

Have a great week! 

Patricia and the TapRoot Team