Week 12 (June 20 - 25) TapRoot CSA

Week 12 (June 20 - 25) TapRoot CSA

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Patricia, Josh, and Jessica (our organic inspector) touring the farm today

Welcome to the new members joining us this week!

As new members, especially if you are at a self serve location, it would be very helpful to read the membership guide on our website.

Here is a picture of the different share boxes we offer.

-Meat shares will be in coolers. Meat shares and Full Monty Share are different. Please make sure you take the correct one (they have labels inside the bag)

-Eggs will be in a box or cooler nearby.

-If there are frozen items in your share they will be in a cooler as well. 

It's helpful to scan the share list before heading out to pick up your share to make sure you know what you are picking up that week. The share list is posted by Friday evening for the following week.

Roasted Carrots and Celeriac

3 lbs celery root, cut into 1 inch chunks

3 lbs carrots, cut into 1 inch chunk

6 tbsp olive oil

2 Tbsp chopped thyme and parsley

1 tsp paprika

Sea salt

Mix together everything except herbs, bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes. Toss with fresh herbs. Enjoy!

Evening shots of the farm last weekend, Patricia's share supper.

Thanks for all your continued support,

Justine and the TapRoot team.