Week 12 (June 22-28) TapRoot 2015

Happy Friday from all of us at the farm. We are so happy to be working in the sun again. The rain was tremendous. We had SIX inches. The fields are just soaked! We have kale transplants that are desparate to be planted and land that we just can't get on.

Soon enough it will dry up and they will get planted:)

Team TapRoot weeding the beans

Calvin and Tim - transplanted tunnel of spinach.

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Update on Off the Hook. I am just waiting to get confirmation on a start date and end date from the great folks at Off the Hook and I will launch the sign up. Thanks for all the feedback!

A new source for delicious food for baby!
Beanstalk Baby Food is a Halifax based company, founded by Aimee Carson and Angela Hersey – passionate foodies, and firm believers that life-long healthy eating begins with a baby’s first meal.

"Making healthy food that is delicious (even for adults!) is at the core of what we do. We believe that learning to eat new foods is where children can start to cultivate life-long healthy eating habits, and explore the many colors, textures, smells, and tastes that make food the pleasure it is.  We’re here to provide food for children that is as good as “what mom would make”- and help busy parents to rest assured that their little ones are getting the best there is, right from the start." ~Aimee and Angela

From left to right: Parsnip Perfection, Scrumptious Squash, Sweetie Pie, Bodacious Beets

Flower Share members, Jill and Valarie have been very busy planting and planning and weeding and waiting for Mother Nature to settle down and provide some consistent sunshine to allow the flowers to blossom and bloom. Deliveries of flower shares will begin July 13th.

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

We've got pac choi (bok choy) coming in this week's share. This delicious Asian cabbage is a stirfry staple at my house but I decided to change things up a bit this week. Maybe it's the cold weather influence, but I felt like roasting some veggies last night. I found this recipe for Spicy Roasted Bok Choy and it turned out beautifully. Greens with a kick! Click here to read a great article about the health benefits of bok choy.

I've been searching for a recipe with beet greens and soba noodles since Sunday's Jamaican Jerk Pig Roast. Chef Michael served up a delicious dish of soba noodles with greens and ginger with miso sauce and it was delicious! I've been craving it ever since. I think this recipe for for Beet Greens and noodles with tofu just might fit the bill. If tofu's not your thing, substitute some chevre. I might just add some anyway. :)

Strawberry season is upon us! I have a "holy trinity" of favourite desserts--strawberry shortcake, blueberry grunt, and apple crisp--so this is a big deal in my house. :) Thankfully, I married a fellow Nova Scotian so we are in agreement around these amazing, seasonal treats. Even though strawberry shortcake is one of my favourite desserts, I have never quite mastered the art of the biscuit. My mother-in-law, Sally, makes amazing biscuits and with such delicious biscuits at my disposal, I admit that I haven't tried *that* hard. But I want to. This week I'm going to bake up some biscuits using this recipe a girlfriend sent me last week. She swears by it.


Fresh herbs abound at this time of year and through the summer and fall. Check out this handy infographic to get the most out of your garden's bounty.

Have a wonderful week!