Week 12 of TapRoot CSA 'Sort of Newsletter'

Good Afternoon everyone.

This has been a very exciting week on the farm. Josh and I are totally beat, but we have nine new baby piglets. Their mother hasn't been too interested in them so it has been by the hour of nursing and watching and protecting. My protective instincts are completely overwhelmed right now.

It is for this reason of being totally swamped that I haven't drafted a proper newsletter for this week yet.

There are lots of yummy greens coming from the farm now. Sometimes people find it hard to incorporate so much green. I can appreciate the challenge but happily take on the flavours of early summer. They are so good!!!! I posted a picture on facebook yesterday of my lunch - a bit of olive oil, and moist veggies from rinsing, and a bit of pepper (that made the sauce) with green onion, asparagus, pac choi, garlic scapes. Yummy!

Garlic scapes are the round green things you got in the share. They are the flowering part of the garlic and in order for the garlic bulb to get bigger we cut the flowering end and more energy is put into the bulb. If you want to increase a planting of garlic, you can let the scape grow and then you can harvest the bulbils to start a new stock of garlic.

Also in your shares were a bit of fresh oregano. If you don't wish to eat it fresh, hand it up to dry and you can use it as dried oregano.

The turnip greens are amazing and the spring turnips on the end are such a treat. I eat our raw but some people cook them.

July 1 is the next farm visit and picnic day. Mark your calender:)) We will have two sets of piglets that will be running all about by then. These little ones are 48 hours now and they are so small and cute - it is all so very neat - and amazing really. Life is amazing - plants, animals - amazing!

For those of you with kids in school - I guess this marks the end of school - the last full week. It is full on summer coming right up and the farm is just a bustling.

Have a great day!