Week 13 TapRoot CSA

The sun is shining, tunnels are up, greenhouse is full, early land is being cultivated, pea seeds soon to be planted. We are in full spring swing at TapRoot. 

Here is some of what is happening at the farm today:

In the image above Courtney is replacing the paddles on the manure spreader. He got it finished and has spread four loads of chicken manure onto a few early fields.  We started cultivation on the early pea field in Medford. The first step once it is dry enough is to chisel plough the field. Then disc harrow it, s -tine harrow and plant. Hoping to get that all done by tomorrow evening. 

We are waiting for the tunnels at Church Street to dry out a bit and we are going to cultivate and plant beet greens. It feels like a race to get things in so that we have variety of vegetables early for our members. 

Images above feature: spinach, radish shoots, napa cabbage soup topped with sprouts and tomato, and filling the grain bin for feeding the animals. We have animals at Church Street and at Canard Street. We haul this blue tub of grain back to Church Street once a week. 

We haven't offered a choice for a couple of weeks. We will offer one for next week (week 14) so please check in on Friday. 

We haven't had much feedback from you lately either, is no news good news? OR..... Let us know how things are going for you. 

Many thanks from Patricia and all of us here at TapRoot Farms.