Week 13 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter


We wanted the first faces to greet you in this week's newsletter to be the little piglets, whose impending birth we have been talking about for over a month now!  Two of the three pregnant sows have now given birth, and all the piglets came out pink, due to their father Whitey's strong genetics.  The approximate gestation to produce a piglet is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days, and so you may remember back in February when they were courting:                                  ...And these little piggies are the result!  Mothers and babies are doing well, and the final sow to yet give birth (Cheetah) could be having them this minute!


Swallow's Nest Available June 30 - July 12th

We have space at our agri-tourism farm stay house, Swallow's Nest from June 30 - July 12th: As a CSA member, you receive a 15% discount on your stay.  This is a great opportunity to book a last-minute vacation at the farm - Please email Jenn at bookings@taprootfarms.ca to inquire!

We are looking for a great CSA Member to lend support on our Tuesday delivery route!

Always wanted to be more involved with your CSA farm?  Here's an opportunity: We are currently looking for a member or member(s) who are available Tuesdays from 2 pm – 6:30 pm to travel with the TapRoot Van and assist Meagan with deliveries around metro Halifax. This role requires a lot of carrying share boxes or using a dolly and a fair amount of walking. We are hoping to work out an arrangement where a member could put the hours towards their weekly share delivery cost.

Please email teri@taprootfarms.ca if you would like more details about the position!

Upcoming Events at TapRoot Farms

Cooking and Storage Tips from Roxbury Farms

I love this resource from Roxbury Farms: a few members have reached out about storage of fresh veggies from the farm, and this is always the first place I go!  Here's a ton of cooking and storage tips for the veggies in your share this week!


Bok Choi is a very mild Asian cooking green.  It can also be called bak choi or pac choi.  It is a cool weather crop and is grown in the spring and fall.

Storage Tips

Cooking Tips


Storage Tips


Spinach is a nutritious green, although the nutrients are hard to absorb due to the oxalic acid found in the green.  It is high in vitamins A and C.  Vitamins are best retained with little or no cooking.

Storage Tips

 Culinary Tips


Tastiest when fresh and relatively small sized.  They dehydrate rapidly.  Summer squash is easily digested, nourishing and cooling, perfect for July and August.  They are also a good source of vitamins and calcium. 

Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


Storage Tips

Culinary Tips


 Storage Tips

Cooking Tips

Pass it on: Registration open NOW for 36 week shares delivery with TapRoot Farms: http://taprootfarms.ca/shares/register

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, June 22, 2014 - Saturday, June 28, 2014

50 Week Fruit Share 2014

50 Week Veggie Share 2014

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Staple Share - 25 bi-weekly deliveries - 2014

Have a great week - Enjoy the sunshine!

--The TapRoot Team