Week 14 (July 6-12) TapRoot 2015

Hello All,

Flower shares start this coming week!!! Yippy the flower bouquets will now be brightening up our homes or offices. Valarie and Jill have things all ready for flower share action on Monday. 

You might not believe me but I have sat down three times to add my two cents worth to this newsletter this week and finally...here it is....7:14PM on Friday....and I am getting it done:)

I just delivered some quarts of berries to Noggins for the markets on the weekend. Aliah and Louise have been busy hauling and freezing strawberries as we are not able to store the berries for long. I wish they would hold up longer than they are. The ones that were harvested yesterday are already breaking down. I am determined not to waste any so we are moving them to the freezers. Hopefully it all worked out with your berries this week - for those who got them. Next week please be sure to use them up right away - or process them in some way right away:) Why is this happening? I need to ask Josh. This year is the first year we have had success in growing the organic strawberries now we will need to sort out how to help them have a slightly longer shelf live before turning. 

On the family side of things - Izaak has headed out to Vancouver this week to visit his grandfather and Lily was at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts camp overnight. It was strange to have two of them gone all day and night. Frank is quite happy this evening that Lily is home. She fell asleep immediately so not much fun yet. 

Today Nathan and I sat down to review the cost of production for the eggs. We wanted to do another check to see if we are/were able to reduce that cost. Nathan did some data collection over time so we could be as accurate as possible. Turns out....the cost is still the cost. We feel so badly about the price of the eggs. We question whether we should carry on with them or not...figuring we must be doing something wrong that our eggs are so expensive. Each time we pencil it out, the cost comes out the same. My point is, we are working towards a lower cost of production and haven't found it yet. 

Have a great Friday evening. While typing we were called out by Chanti who is living and working on the farm right now - the goats were out. We all went running. Got them in. All is well!

Hugs and Love from the farm!


(ps. to see a list of what we plan will be in the share next week please check the website.....or see below)

(pps. I started an Instagram account.....TapRootfarms....with an s. fun!)



Making Payments

Thanks to some hard work by Falicia, RBC customers can now add TapRoot Farms to their list of bills and pay directly from their account. We are looking into the financial feasibility of adding other financial institutions and will keep you apprised through the process.

In the meantime, if you aren't an RBC customer, you can still make payments in one of the following ways:

1) Email transfer to Falicia ( info@taprootfarms.ca ). This is our favourite form of payment because we don't have to pay any fees. :)  Please include a message with your name and customer number so we can properly credit your account.

2) Cheques or cash given directly to the delivery driver (in a clearly marked envelope) or cheques mailed to: TapRoot Farms 1736 Church Street Port Williams, NS B0P 1T0.

3) PayPal payments are great, too, but we do have to pay a percentage of each payment that goes through. Please include a message with your name and customer number.

Please ensure that if you are paying monthly or quarterly, you make your payment prior to the month(s) you receive your shares to continue receiving your shares uninterrupted. I.e. payment for July's shares should be received on or before July 1st. Thanks so much!

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

They're a little late making an appearance this season but they're here! Garlic scapes (stems, stalks, shoots, or spears) are the flower stalks that garlic plants produce before the bulbs mature. And they are delicious. They have a milder garlic flavour and a hint of sweetness, especially when grilled or roasted. Grilled garlic scapes with sea salt. Need more ideas for using those crazy, curly garlic scapes? How about 28 more ideas?

This is what my mom would have called a one-pot wonder. Herb-roasted chicken thighs with potatoes. Throw in a side of beautiful greens and you have the makings of an easy weekday dinner.

I really love sautéed chard but I have a bit of a hate-on for my oven this week in that it's too dang hot to have it on. We've been barbequing and eating LOTS of salads. So I went looking for a cold way to enjoy the chard in the share box this week and found this great recipe for Swiss chard salad with lemon, parmesan, and breadcrumbs. Simple salad. Simple dressing. Simply delicious.

I  like easy and I prefer natural when it comes to what I eat, so when I found this recipe for freezer jam (easy) made with Pamona's Universal Pectin (natural), I decided to give it a try. Pamona's allows the berries to thicken without using as much sugar as other commercial pectins, so that was another bonus for me. So, I went to Eos Natural Foods to buy some Pamona's Pectin (they also sell it at Pete's and Organic Earth Market), ordered a bunch of add-on strawberries, and got to work making strawberry jam. It was my first time making jam without my grandmother in the room and I was successful! Yay! It tastes like strawberries, rather than sugary strawberries. Delicious.

Keep your greens fresh
If you can't eat your kale or chard right away and find they are wilting in the refrigerator, you can extend the freshness of your greens using one of these two methods:
1) Trim the bottom of the stems and stand them upright in a glass of water.
2) Rinse and store in the fridge in a plastic bag with a moistened paper towel. Poke a number of holes in the bag to let moisture escape.


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