Week 15 (July 11 - 15) TapRoot CSA

Week 15 (July 11 - 15) TapRoot CSA

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The beautiful greens in the share this week.

Garlic Scapes can be grated to use as garlic in salad dressings and sauces. It can be chopped up to use in stir fry's, soups, or sauteed with onions before adding eggs for a delicious scramble. They have a mild taste once they are cooked, and my two year old ate them right up :) You can also freeze them by processing them in a food processor with some oil. They are great frozen in 1/4 cup amounts to be added to winter stews, pastas, or where ever you want some great garlic taste.

Kohlrabi is good raw or cooked. You can use the greens as well, so don't throw those away, use them where you might use kale. Kohlrabi has a sweet, broccoli-ish taste.

Organic Barley we are growing is be used by Horton Ridge malting house in Hortonville, NS

Beautiful sweet Cherries, coming to your share boxes next week!

Have a great week,

Justine and the TapRoot Team