Week 16 (July 18-23)

Happy week 16 from all of us a the farm!

Veggies and fruit are growing great now. Tis the season for lots of colour and flavour. 

Please remember we want the boxes back. Please take care of your boxes between weeks and please break them down properly so we can reuse them

RECIPE this week: Taste of Nova Scotia's Nova Scotia Hodge Podge 


Sweet Cherries & Garlic are ready.

Come on out this weekend for a CSA  Harvest Day and Member only u-pick  (i am  sorry for the short notice)

Saturday July 23 9 AM -11 AM and Sunday 24th 9 AM -11 AM

Price for sweet cherries is $3.00 per lb and for garlic it will be $1 per stalk vs by the lb. We love your help harvesting the garlic. All hands are welcomed:) No skill required.

Come to 451 Canard Street - text me if you arrive and need directions: 9026703277.  

Also, please let me know if you are coming so we can plan too. Thanks! 

2016 FLAX HARVEST Celebration!

AUGUST 14th, 20162-4 PM

500 people in the flax field to celebrate the middle of summer with food and music! (let us know you can join us) We have five acres of flax to pull from the ground, and need your help to harvest it all. There will be corn on the cob, as well as some surprise musical guests playing the celebration soundtrack. Bring your friends and sunblock- see you there!

If you have seen pictures of our linen products and are eager to try them, you are in luck! We recently launched our website, www.taprootfibrelab.ca, which includes online shopping capability. Our linen products are all produced from flax grown here on the farm, and any blended products are combined with local sheep’s wool. In preparation for our website launching, we have been working on developing our logo and product labels. Our first batch of labels arrived from the printer mid-June and they look spectacular on the packaging.

A few weeks ago we met with Frances, a professor from the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, to plan the exciting dye tests. Our goal is to use plants/plant material that is available locally, ideally on the farm, to create the dyes for the fibre. The idea is to have no adverse impact on the ecosystem and keep things as natural as possible. Synthetic dyes in the conventional textile industry are some of the worst water polluters in the world.

Our flax field is growing beautifully. Our five-acre field has bloomed and is in the final stages of developing seed pods. The flax is not as tall as we were anticipating due to all the dry weather at the beginning of summer, however we are hopeful for a few more centimetres before we harvest in August.  We are in the midst of planning a harvest festival on August 14th complete with music and food, so bring your friends and come harvest some flax!

Work continues with optimising our machines for the breaking and scutching process. Part of our long line flax processing challenge is designing a transferring system to move the fibre through each machine. We have been testing our fibre transfer system on the scutching machine and working to integrate the design of the hackling machine. The hackling machine construction has been on hold due to long wait times for some of our critical parts. These parts are now here, and the hackling machine construction has started again. The design stage has begun on our fifth machine which will take the hackled fibre and draw it out to create sliver. Things are moving along!

Check out the blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and now our new Instagram feed (taprootfibrelab), to keep up to date on all of the exciting progress.