Week 18 (August 1-6)


Week 18 (August 1-6) TapRoot Farm

Happy August!

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Garlic from Patricia's garlic nursery. Started by seed, shown here in it's first, second, and third year growth.



Second Field walk with your TapRoot Farmers.

August 20th, 1-3pm

Take a walk with the farmers at TapRoot farms. Join us as we wander through the fields, tunnels, greenhouses, and barns at 451 Canard street. Come back throughout the year and see how much the farm changes, season to season.

Guided tour starts at 1 sharp. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking through fields. We will walk rain or shine. Family friendly! Strollers will have a hard go, but is possible.



Temporary TapRoot Farms Egg Shortage

We are sorry to say that we have a temporary egg shortage. We are reducing your egg shares until we have more eggs, should be by the end of the month.

We will absolutely make up the difference to you once we get our new hens at the end of the month and they are laying.


Thank you for your understanding!


This week, starting Wednesday, we started the egg austerity. We are going to take stock of how many eggs we get this week and see how we can divide them fairly next week. We will keep you in the loop via e-mail.


This is what you're egg shares will be for the remainder of the week.



Full Monty = 7 eggs

1 dozen = 6 eggs

1/2 doz = 3 eggs

New Add on's this week:

Organic Basil - 110g $5

Organic Basil - 1 lb $20

Organic Spinach - 1lb $12

Organic Grape Tomatoes - 1 pint $4

Bone-in goat meat - 2lbs $12

Oxtail - 1.5lbs $10

Farm Notes:

Such a lovely view of the red ripe cherries!


Thanks and have a great week!

-Your TapRoot Farm Team