Week 18 (August 3 - 9) TapRoot + Off the Hook 2015

Hello TapRoot Farms CSA Members and Welcome to Off the Hook CSF Members.

We are excited to welcome you all to the TapRoot weekly newsletter. Updates about Off the Hook will be included in this newsletter when we have them from Dave at Off the Hook. This weeks fish is Haddock. It was caught by Jesse Nickerson and crew Emma and Linden. It was cut and frozen by Sambro Fisheries on July 16. The gear used to catch the fish was hook and line.

On the farm:

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Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

New in your share box this week is the Caraflex, or cone, cabbage. Caraflex is perfect for coleslaw and stir-fries as well as salads where you want some extra crunch. It is sweet and tender and even a little buttery. I'm a fan of roasted cabbage, and it's delicious on the BBQ. Simply cut in half, remove the core, baste with some olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I add a dash of parmesan cheese just before it's ready to come out of the oven/barbeque. Yum!

This garlic-marinated zucchini is delicious! Serve it as a side or heaped onto a flatbread. Let stand as long as you can before serving--the longer the zucchini sits in the garlic/herb mixture, the more potent and delicious it is.

Another new veggie in the share box this week is kohlrabi. It's from the cabbage family and has a similar sweet and peppery taste. I've made versions of this kohlrabi, apple, and bacon slaw and it's really fresh and tasty. Don't use the Granny Smith apple that the recipe calls for--they're not native to NS and don't work as well as a lovely Cortland or Gala. It's a fabulous side for a summer BBQ with the fam jam. Make lots. People will go back for seconds!

Another delicious salad! This Russian beet salad makes great use of everything coming up in harvest right now. It is loaded with fresh vegetable goodness! You can substitute your Caraflex cabbage in place of the red, if you like. The texture will be slightly different but the Caraflex is really tasty in this salad. I LOVE this time of year! Don't you? :)

I went hiking with some girlfriends this past weekend and we stopped about halfway around our loop of Cape Blomidon to enjoy the view and fuel up (aka rest and eat). Liz pulled out these delicious raspberry buttermilk muffins to share with the rest of us and after the first bite, I had to have the recipe. She added small cacao nibs to hers, creating a combo I always drool over--raspberry + dark chocolate. Whether or not you add the chocolate, you will love these tasty muffins.


Have a fabulous week of fresh eating!