Week 2 January 15th

Good Morning All,

It is a great day on the farm today. Josh is finishing up the animal chores while Makaila and crew (Tim, Michael, Jeffery, Betty) work on getting veggies washed and sorted for CSA making and wholesale orders. Katelyn and I are holding down the office and soon I will have everything printed and ready to make the shares. 

How did the black trays work out for us all?  Like, dislike? We will keep using but by all means please send me feedback. Josh also mentioned that we do have lots of them so if you do take it home that is okay and return just like we did the other boxes. 

Three things:

1) Please feel free to complete this survey. It will give us feedback on what you would like us to grow for you this year.  It lists all of the items that we grow, plus a few extras that we use to grow. It will take a few minutes to complete and maybe could be a fun family survey to do. I will share the results with everyone once we get a bunch of responses. You will see there is room for you to make comments - by all means list things you'd love to see in your box.  Thanks! 

2) Sunday - TapRoot Farm Frolic - 2 PM. Farm, Snow, Ice (maybe), Mulled Cider. Let me know if you can join in. January 19th. 

3) We post what is in the share the Friday before. You can see it by logging in or by clicking on shares. This url is your CSA space.  http://taproot.harvesthand.com/

4) Katelyn and Makaila have been developing the TapRoot online shop. It is now open. This is separate from the CSA member space. All of the items are available to you as members  in the CSA product add on area.  As CSA members we mark up the veggies from our wholesale price between 20 and 25 %. The retail TapRoot online shopping marks up higher (ie 30$-40%). Anyone wishing to order from TapRoot is now able to. People have been asking for this and so we are going to test this out. http://taprootfarms.ca/shop/

In the shares this week:

Shares Deliveries: Monday, January 13, 2020 - Sunday, January 19, 2020

Meat Box Share

Veggie & Fruit Share

Have a great day!