Week 2: TapRoot CSA

Welcome to Week 2

On the farm these days we are really full on busy with trimming leeks and plucking Brussels sprouts. The leeks are harvested into bins in the late fall  right from the field into the bin without any trimming or cleaning up. Throughout December and January we pull a leek out of the bin, trim the roots from the bottom, peel back the outer layers and then trim the top, wash and either put into your CSA share box or bunch them for Noggins and the other locations that purchase are veggies like Organic Market, Pete's locations, Heartwood and Local Source. It takes about between a minute to two minutes to trim a leek ready for washing depending on the trimmer.  Plucking Brussels sprouts is a job for people with strong hands and thumbs. You hold the stalk of Brussels sprouts and pluck  of each sprout with your thumbs. At this stage we only pluck what looks and feels good, if it is too small or rotten it is left behind. The Brussels sprouts are then bagged or boxed and in order to do this we need to pull off the few yellow layers that occur because they have been in storage.  It is great to stay busy in January on the farm! 

Steve has been hearing at pick-up that some of you have had difficulty selecting your choice from the weekly YOU CHOOSE add on. Please be sure to select your payment method, cash, for your $0 choice. If you find it still isn't working, please try another browser and if that doesn't work, please email us and let us know because it should work and has worked for many of us. 

If you wish to see what is in your shares please go to our website, click on shares and the list will appear.

Here I will highlight a few things....

Finally, this week on Monday and Tuesday the Nova Scotia Horticultural Association had their annual conference. Josh has been president of the association for the past 3 years. I am happy to report he is finished his volunteering at Hort NS. It has been a very good learning experience and the industry is always thankful when someone steps in to lead and now that time of over. (me having a little happy dance)  At the banquet on Monday evening we had the pleasure of sitting with Jessie Jolymore of Hope Blooms. She gave the key note address for the banquet. If you haven't heard of Hope Blooms please look them up. Jessie and the youth are an inspiration. I was filled with feelings of joy and hope and passion after she spoke. I want to do more in 2018 to partner with amazing organizations like Hope Blooms in whatever ways we can here at the farm. 

Josh is finalizing the seed order this week. We are getting things geared up for seeding in a couple of weeks. 

In other news, the Community Shared Linen (CSL) first item is completed and being send out to CSL members. You can check out the TapRootFibreLab instragram account or facebook page to follow the progress of clothes from the farm. 

AND, the machines we have manufactured for processing bast fibres (nettles, flax and hemp) are arriving in France (our first sale) on Sunday. This has been a multi year adventure. 

This Friday we will have our 2nd staff lunch and film at the farm. We are watching a few films together this winter about organic farming, agriculture, food, and global food politics. We watch while we take our lunch break and I (Patricia) try and cook up something nice for us to eat while we watch. 

It is a lovely day here today, warm and sunny. Wherever you are, we hope you are having a great day too! 

Happy Week 2 from Patricia & all of us here at the farm !