Week 2 TapRoot CSA 2015

Welcome to Week #2.

The SUN is SHINING!!!! Yahoo!

Seeds are going in trays, tunnels are going up. Soon we will have many veggies growing in warm soil:))

Three quick admin notes:

  1. If you are not able to make it to your pickup you have two options: 1) arrange for a friend or family member or colleague to collect it or 2) donate your share. We are not able to accommodate changes to locations unless you are making a permanent change.
  2. Please be sure to check your shares before you walk away from the pick-up. Even if Ed passes them to you, please double check that you have the correct shares. If a mix-up happens we can correct it in two ways: 1) we all accept the share collected as your shares that week, or 2) the following week we can adjust your share.
  3. And finally, if you miss a pick-up, then the pick-up is missed. The shares will be here at the farm and you are welcome to travel out to collect them. They are donated on Wednesday to the Kentville and Area food bank. If your share does not arrive for some reason, we will either double you up next week or provide a credit, whichever you wish.

On a personal note:

Last evening Josh and I were reading over the blog posts of the past few years. Most years by this time the tunnels are up and we have started transplanting and direct seeding. This year, the guys have two tunnels up with plastic secured today and they are full of snow. My a year can make such a big difference.

I promise not to write an essay here, but I realized reviewing those posts that for those of you who are new to the farm, you don't know Josh and I. There are about 1/3 of you who have been with us for years, another 1/3 in the past year and 1/3 new this year.

Some basic facts about us:

April Farm Event:

April 22 is Earth Day. You are invited to join us at the farm on Wednesday the 22nd. If you are home with little ones and wish to come on out during the day, please do come for a walk about, see the pigs and the goats. We will make our kitchen/living room space available for members to have lunch or snack or just to regroup after walking about the farm. In the late afternoon 4ish we will have an activity to celebrate Earth day. For more details check out the events section of the webpage. Denise will be updating as we finalize the activity.

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Every week I'll be posting recipes that incorporate the delicious foods you have in your share boxes. If you have your own favourites, send them to me (admin@taprootfarms.ca) and I'll be sure to include them, too! :)

The recipe says, "Clean Eating Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies." If by "clean eating" they mean the plate will be eaten clean within an hour of baking them, then sure, they're clean. :)

I taught a couple of summer courses at UVIC one year and arranged to rent a room with a Taiwanese family close to campus while I was there. Nancy, the mom, made such delicious-looking and smelling dishes. She often invited me to eat with the family and this sesame spinach side was one of my favourite. Don't forget to sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top.

My mom used to make a dish like this all the time when I was a kid, back when I ate meat. My sister and I would always be excited for honey garlic chicken night! I showed Mom the recipe over the weekend and she thought it looked pretty much the same to hers. I tried it with tofu Monday night and it sure tastes the same to me. Ah, memories from childhood.

We stopped buying regular ketchup and switched to organic years ago, but there is still too much sugar in it for my taste. So I thought, "How hard can it be to make ketchup?" Turns out, not very hard. I've used this recipe with all kinds of tomatoes and it's always delicious. Hope you think so, too

I made this oven-roasted beets and potatoes dish last weekend for our family (and friends!) Easter dinner and there wasn't a crumb for leftovers. (Sorry, Honey...) I usually roast both in quarters or smaller chunks but sliced like this, there was even more surface area of deliciousness. So. Good.

I've posted this recipe before but it bears repeating, especially for our new members who are wondering what to do with their pea shoots this week. I love shoots on my sandwiches but since I discovered this simple stir fry recipe, it's been my go-to way of preparing them this spring. Enjoy!