Week 2: TapRoot CSA



Welcome to Week 2 @ TapRoot Farms


It is a hot and great day at the farm today.  

We have started harvesting peas. This took a crew of 4 for the day yesterday. Josh was talking last evening as we were chatting about the day and what is ahead for today, that now that we have started with harvesting peas and zucchini and romaine and soon everything else, it makes it hard to keep up with the more detail types of tasks. This is one of our biggest challenges, balancing costs of production with priorities and investing enough in each task, but not anymore than is necessary. 

This week at our team meeting Katelyn reviewed our health and safety policy. The committee has been meeting and our program is evolving. I feel we are working at a slow and steady pace of sorting out how to implement our program. It isn't easy for any of us but Katelyn is leading us and our committee is finding its way. On our farm walk about the list of potential risks can be high so it feels like,  and is a lot to sort out. 

We hope you enjoy the share this week. It was busting out of the boxes. Some of the small shares got zucchini instead of green leaf lettuce. We had to run out and harvest more lettuce during share making because I made an error when I did up the share list so we popped zucchini in those shares. Also, you will notice that the large shares did not get fennel but zucchini instead. We didn't have enough. 

This morning I harvested some Arugula. I am not seen doing this very often as I spend most of my time between computers and people. I love being out in the field! Frank, our youngest, doesn't have summer camps yet this year and so I am trying to work from home as much as I can to have him join me. He is able to stay around on his own but then he ends up playing Fortnight or something and face timing friends most of the day. I much prefer being together. I don't ask him what he'd prefer, I don't want the answer:)). He was in charge of taking some pictures this morning. He and I are having fun with chores and harvests and other necessary tasks. It is precious time. He is already so grown up. Frank has lived his whole life on this farm. 

The shirt I am wearing in this picture was grown, processed, designed and made right here at TapRoot. The flax crop for 2018 is looking fabulous. Everything with the fibre is on a temporary hold right now so we/me can be focusing all of our energy on the farm and helping to increase our sales and manage things well. Wearing this top everyday keeps my spirits high that very soon I will be able to move to the next step with the fibre. It is all an amazing adventure. 

The forecast for a storm on Thursday is kind of stressful. We see now that it is planning to be off shore now so that is welcomed news. In order to prepare the farm for that sort of wind we need to make the decision to start taking down tunnels today. It is always such a risk because as we all know, there is so much uncertainty in the forecast. At any rate, at the moment we will carry on with regular July 10th activities and hope the storms calms down and moves out. 

And finally, please enjoy every bite of goodness in your shares this week. Each vegetable was started by seed, nurtured, harvested, cleaned, packed and now is with you. Even eat the carrot tops. 

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.