Week 20 (August 15-20)

Week 20 (August 15-20) TapRoot Farm CSA

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Here is the next generation of flax harvesters :)

We had a great turn out to the flax event. The rain loosened up the soil so it was easy to pull, but held off for the event.

Thanks to all who came out!

Farm Notes:




Temporary TapRoot Farms Egg Shortage - Week 3


We are sorry to say that we still have a temporary egg shortage. We are reducing your egg shares until we have more eggs.

The new hens have not starting laying yet. We will then make up the missing eggs to you one they do!

Thank you for your understanding!

Full Monty = 9 eggs

1 dozen = 9 eggs

1/2 doz = 4 eggs




Peaches for breakfast!, and another breakfast at the Bishop household. Lots of vegetable and some eggs is a great start to the day.

New Add on's this week:

*Please order the peaches and plums two days in advance, to allow time to get them from Noggins.*

#1 Peaches, 10lbs: $15

#2 Peaches, 10lbs: $6

Shiro Plums, 3L: $5.50

Second Field Walk with your TapRoot Farmer Josh!

Saturday August 20th 1-3 pm

Come take a walk with Josh at 451 Canard street. This is our second of three field walks. We will tour the fields, tunnels (now loaded with tomatoes, peppers, ginger, and more),

and talk about whats been happening on the farm since you last visited.

Guided Tour starts at 1 pm sharp.. Wear appropriate clothing for walking over uneven ground. We will walk rain or shine (but it looks like shine!)

The walk is family friendly, but may not be 100% stroller friendly, be prepared to carry the stroller over uneven ground.

Thank you and have a great week!

-Justine and your TapRoot Farms team