Week 20 (August 17 - 23) TapRoot + Off the Hook 2015

Hello from the farm on a warm and humid Tuesday!

Some news from Josh on the happenings around the farm this week:

Keep those payments coming! :)

Making your monthly and quarterly payments on time (by the 1st of the month) really helps things to function more smoothly in our office. Thank you for staying on top of this.

A reminder that you can make payments to your account in one of four ways:

1) RBC customers; you can add TapRoot Farms to your list of bills and pay directly from your account.

2) Email transfer to Falicia ( info@taprootfarms.ca ). This is our favourite form of payment because we don't have to pay any fees. :)  Please include a message with your name and customer number so we can properly credit your account. The password/security question answer should be taproot, all lower case.

3) Cheques or cash given directly to the delivery driver (in a clearly marked envelope) or cheques mailed to: TapRoot Farms 1736 Church Street Port Williams, NS B0P 1T0.

4) PayPal payments are great, too, but we do have to pay a percentage of each payment that goes through. Please include a message with your name and customer number.

Thank you! Thank you!

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I can't tell you if this recipe is delicious--I'm vegetarian--but I do know this: there is no way I'm using my oven this week. Assuming many of you are in the same frame of mind, I went searching for a recipe for grilling duck on the BBQ. The reviews for this spit-roasted duck look fabulous. I'd bet it's equally delicious whether turned on a rotisserie or cooked on the grill in a broiling pan and turned regularly.

I whipped up this easy and tasty Hungarian cucumber salad over the weekend. Yum! Great for using your fresh field cucumbers. (The mini cucumbers I save for dipping in hummus--so good!)

This Green Goddess Dressing is amazing! Creamy, fresh, and delicious. AND it uses a full cup of green onions, just in case you're tiring of them on your salad. Pour this over any of your fresh or grilled vegetables. I had it over grilled cabbage last night. Yum!

One of the things I do when plums become abundant is make some plum sauce to store away. I really don't like the sugar-laden stuff from the grocery store and it's so easy to make your own. This is a great recipe that I first tried last summer and will use again this year. Even our nieces and nephews prefer it to the store-bought stuff, and that's saying something!

All hail, kale! It's no secret--kale is one of my favourite greens. I found this great new (to me) kale salad recipe last week and made it last night. I really liked the warmed cranberry vinaigrette. Seriously delicious. Don't forget to massage your kale--it makes all the difference.


Happy cooking! Have a great week! :)