Week 20 con't: TapRoot CSA

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

What a fantastic day on the farm today. It is a serious growing day today. As I draft this letter I can see out the window the apples blossoming, a crew of four people weeding the beans, and the newly cultivated potato rows. It is a lovely sight.

The apple blossoms are beautiful and it is also a very sensitive time for the apple production. We need to be very careful to keep disease out like fire blight. We do this in the organic orchard by spraying copper. We always watch for blossom end rot and hope for great conditions for the bees to get in a pollinate. 

Patrick is seeding cilantro this afternoon at 1736 Church Street. 

We didn't plan it but this week some of you got beet greens and others a bunch of mustard greens. These can be steamed or chopped and eaten. We have a tunnel that needs to be cleaned out and planted with tomatoes but I didn't want to waste the greens. 

Thank you for the encouraging emails and for sharing ideas. We are listening. If you haven't already, please check out the possible dates on the doodle poll for a gathering of CSA members to discuss next steps.  Finding a time for everyone is challenging so we will do our best using this tool. 

I realize the amount of greens this week is a lot. If you are not able to eat them all, please freeze for later. You can blend all of the greens that are just too much in some water and pop into ice cube trays for future use. Check this out: http://nutritiontwins.com/kale-and-spinach-cubes/

Have a fantastic week! If you use social media, please check out our facebook page and consider engaging. Steve manages the twitter account. Josh and I both have an instagram accounts. ALSO I was thinking maybe a farm pintrest account would be good. I will look into that while Frank practicing soccer tonight. 


Big thoughts of gratitude towards you all today and everyday!