Week 22 (Aug 31 - Sept 6) TapRoot + Off the Hook 2015

There are deliveries on Monday - for Monday share holders.

On the farm - Patricia here:

Break-in update

As you know from our earlier message this week, we had a break-in over the weekend and two office computers were taken. Thanks to the generosity of a couple of our members, we have two new-to-us computers that we are currently loading operating systems and software onto. We beg your patience as we rebuild our accounting system. Falicia is still receiving and recording your payments. We also want to reassure you that your personal information was secure password-protected and that the RCMP feel certain that both computers were wiped clean immediately for the purposes of a quick sale.

September tomato canning event cancelled

The tomato canning workshop that was planned for the weekend of September 26 & 27 is cancelled. Something has come up for Patricia and Ross is booked the other weekends in September.

Perfectly Imperfect Tomatoes

by.Denise Grant

We've had a few emails from members about tomatoes with some blight around the bottom stem. 99% of the time, that's where the blight ends and the tomato is perfectly fine and delicious to eat. Just cut around it and use the rest as usual. We grow our tomatoes organically and don't use the herbicide that conventional growers do to keep spots away. Better for you. Better for the environment. But sometimes we get spots. 

If you have a tomato that is bad all of the way through, please send us a bad apple report with picture via email ( csa@taprootfarms.ca ) and we'll replace it, of course. :)

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I'll be honest; before we joined a CSA I had never heard of kohlrabi. Turns out it's delicious! Sweet and peppery, it reminds me of a sweet radish. I like to use it in salads or slaws because it is so crunchy but it's also really great roasted until just caramelized. Enjoy your kohlrabi this week! 12 kohlrabi recipes

I love the name of this blog: whatsforlunchhoney.net She's got lots of great recipes, but this one--Kohlrabi Turnip Gratin--is one of my faves. I love the tangy mustard. I make it without the bacon so can't speak to that flavour but I can tell you it's a hit at Sunday dinners around my house.

I (Denise) laughed out loud while reading this recipe. I love this woman's approach to cooking! he recipe is for Roasted Beer Duck but I bet you can prepare a chicken in the same manner and it would be delicious, too. Tell me how this one turns out. I'm curious. (And vegetarian, remember? No testing this one for me.)


I love this bountiful time of year! In our house, it's salsa time. I started making peach salsa a few years ago after Mrs. Renfro's got me hooked. Not only is it fabulous with blue corn tortilla chips; it's also great on white fish, poultry, and tofu. I make a huge batch and can it, although it doesn't last very long.

I love the philosophy here: use every last bit of goodness in your CSA box. Don't throw your tops away--use them in these Meatless Meatballs. Tired of your regular chard recipe? Use it here. Throw any green you've got in here. The taste will vary but is always delicious. I promise!

Wondering what to do with your fresh thyme? Invite some friends over and throw this mouthwatering appetizer together: Ricotta,Thyme, and Olive Oil with Grilled Bread. Simple and oh, so yummy.


Have a great weekend, everyone!